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  • 1. 2012 IBM Corporation1 Maximo Differentiators

2. 2012 IBM Corporation2 Maximo Key Differentiators Agility Configurable Data Model Configurable Screens No Coding Required Technology J2EE Standard Scalable Enterprise Wide Process Automation Ensure Processes Remain Adaptable No Coding Required Company History and Stability Presence and Leadership Commitment and Investment Asset Concentration Breadth of Coverage Depth of Capabilities Asset Convergence 3. 2012 IBM Corporation3 Asset Concentration 4. 2012 IBM Corporation4 Production Equipment Transportation Assets Facilities IT Hardware and Software Power generation equipment Refineries, chemical plants Manufacturing lines Corporate buildings Hotels, hospitals Airports, government facilities Rail, rolling stock Over-road vehicles Ships, aircraft Servers, laptops, network devices Software configurations, licenses Help desks Assets Work Together to Support Business Goals Assets work together in your organization so information about them must be tightly integrated too. Assets work together in your organization so information about them must be tightly integrated too. 5. 2012 IBM Corporation5 Maximo Industry Solutions Maximo for Nuclear Power Maximo for Utilities Maximo Spatial Maximo for Life Science Maximo for Transportation Maximo Asset Configuration Maximo for Government Maximo for Oil & Gas Unique Industry Functionality Delivers more complete solutions and more rapid, lower cost implementations Delivered with out of the box Industry specific content, business processes Supports Industry specific regulatory compliance: FDA, NRC, DOT Create distinct competitive advantages for IBM 6. 2012 IBM Corporation6 Comprehensive Asset Management 7. 2012 IBM Corporation7 A comprehensive, integrated asset management infrastructure Enabling data sharing and process optimization across the enterprise IT Managers can see how to streamline inventory and resources across the organization Software Asset Managers can see how to optimize licensing to avoid over/under-purchasing and mitigate compliance risk Financial Managers can see the entire inventory and analyze return on assets for financial reporting Maintenance Managers can see job plans enabled by availability of information to increase asset capacity Service Desk Technicians can see asset data to streamline service request handling and expedite incident & problem resolution Purchasing Managers can see costs and orders enterprise-wide for price comparisons, discounting, standardization and order tracking Facilities Managers can see assets in the Data Center to optimize power consumption and reduce unplanned outages Risk Managers can see asset detail to ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate risk Contract Managers can see asset related contracts; negotiate vendor T&Cs and monitor supplier performance Hardware Asset Managers can see lease and maintenance status and when to plan for upgrades Operations Managers can see asset conditions in sufficient detail to improve asset utilization & performance 8. 2012 IBM Corporation8 Application Consolidation Consolidate applications and vendors for superior asset management Leverage one solution across the enterprise Benefits: Lower software and implementation costs Lower infrastructure complexity Lower operational risk Asset Management Consolidation Production Equipment Transportation Assets Facilities IT Hardware and Software 9. 2012 IBM Corporation9 Asset Convergence Configuration Management Change Management Asset Management Transportation Production Facilities IT Networked Operating Assets IT improves asset performance Networked connectivity for remote monitoring Networked connectivity for maintenance automation Embedded IT On-board IT increases asset sophistication Automation of complex tasks Mechanics replaced by electronics 10. 2012 IBM Corporation10 Industrial Applications Asset Convergence Electronic monitoring of asset health and performance using monitoring agents New industrial equipment increasingly ships with built-in agents, often standards-based Remote condition monitoring increases demand on IT availability Objective: improve preventive and predictive maintenance to increase overall business performance 11. 2012 IBM Corporation11 Asset Convergence Facilities Management IT improves occupant safety and comfort but at the expense of complexity Building automation requires high network availability Objective: use combined asset and service management solutions to drive operating costs down faster than complexity increases them 12. 2012 IBM Corporation12 Fleet Management Asset Convergence Use of telematics expanding from mobile logistics to remote, real-time vehicle diagnostics Customers such as Bombardier are shipping rolling stock with built-in IT Objective: enable preventive maintenance with remote, real-time monitoring, analysis and automated asset management 13. 2012 IBM Corporation13 Why Asset Concentration is important Depth of Function Deep Industry specific functionality Most robust core Asset Management capabilities in the market IT Consolidation One Asset Management system for all Asset Processes IT Convergence Single Platform to support holistic Asset processes, including IT Asset Concentration Breadth of Coverage Depth of Capabilities Asset Convergence 14. 2012 IBM Corporation14 Technology 15. 2012 IBM Corporation15 Dedication to Innovation and Technology As technology evolves Web Services Mashups Mobile IP Enabled Assets Assets with Onboard Technology IBM will continue to be An Investor An Innovator A Leader A Pacesetter 16. 2012 IBM Corporation16 Maximo - Architecture Modern and Stable J2EE component-based architecture leverages the latest Internet standards and technologies Deployed, operated and maintained within commercial application server Scales from small, single-site deployments to large, multi-site global deployments Supports multiple: Organizations Sites Languages Currencies Time Zones Technology J2EE Standard Scalable Enterprise Wide 17. 2012 IBM Corporation17 Single Instance, Global Deployments Multiple Languages Pages and Data 16 Languages Multiple Currencies Multiple Time Zones Database Organization 2Organization 1 Site1 Site2 Site3 Site4 Site5 Site6 Organization 3 Decentralized Solutions Have Higher TCO. The consequences of a decision to decentralize are higher initial implementation and ongoing ownership cost. - Gartner Site7 Site8 Technology J2EE Standard Scalable Enterprise Wide 18. 2012 IBM Corporation18 Maximo Integration Powerful Integration Framework Native, message-based XML integration Compatible with current industry standards Communicates with Maximos business objects Ensure proper collaboration between systems Out-of-the-box integration with leading ERP and e-Commerce vendors, in addition to a common adapter to integrate to other systems Web Services Portals Maximo Enterprise Adapter Integrate any Maximo object Dynamic Web services Pre-built integration points Pre-built integrations to SAP and Oracle 19. 2012 IBM Corporation19 Maximo Enterprise Adapter UI driven integration development and deployment Multiple integration options Web services JMS HTTP(S) Database File Batch/bulk processing Email and workflow connectivity 20. 2012 IBM Corporation20 Why Technology Matters Supportability Interoperability Implementability Scalability Low Total Cost of Ownership Technology J2EE Standard Scalable Enterprise Wide 21. 2012 IBM Corporation21 Business Process Automation 22. 2012 IBM Corporation22 Business Process Automation Companies are more and more focusing on Asset Management as a response to significant market pressures: Need to Maximize Return on Assets (RoA) Risk of Failure of Critical Assets Complexity of Operations High Energy Costs Regulatory Compliance Aging/Retiring Workforce In order to address these pressures, Best-in-Class companies are more likely to standardize asset maintenance and reliability processes across the enterprise. 23. 2012 IBM Corporation23 Business Process Automation Checklist More Than Just Workflow Design a process for any document/record Typical - Work Orders, Purchase Orders Also required - Job Plans, Assets, Items, Contracts, Transactions, etc. Drive the document/record through multiple states via manual and automated tasks Define next step in process, who is responsible, what they need to do, and how long they have to do it Provide means to automate steps and activities along the way, making the overall process more efficient Manage more than just State but any data attribute associated with the document/record For manual steps, provide user assistance Model real-world business processes which are: Non-linear, non-sequential Multi-person Multiple assignees to a step Multi-level Variable Requires potentially complex logic and branching 24. 2012 IBM Corporation24 Business Process Automation Checklist, cont. More Than Just Workflow Monitor defined processes in order to improve Identify and address bottlenecks Define escalation points to alleviate Pinpoint waste Report on unnecessary steps (rubber-stamp situations) Define, monitor and manage to business commitments Translate business level goals and objectives into explicit time-based targets for individual activities Establish overall levels of service (Availability, Reliability, Responsiveness, etc.) aligned to business objectives Monitor granular activity-level and summarized service-level performance and proactively respond according to predefined rules Provide visibility into performance of processes Establish meaningful Key Performance Indicators that directly correspond to business goals and are actionable 25. 2012 IBM Corporation25 Business Process Automation Workflow and monitor any Maximo