Mastering On-Site Search / Custom Site Search

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In this presentation about on-site search solutions, Todd Keup from magnifisites and I dig into the technologies behind the input field. Today, search technology behind your site is much more important than it looks at the first glance. Retargeting, dynamic pages, etc. are an important aspect for converting visitors to buyers and followers.


<ul><li> 1. @trabit@toddkeupMasteringOn-Site SearchRalf Schwoebel, CEOwww.tradebit.comPicture (c):Warner Bros.Hangover II</li></ul> <p> 2. @trabit@toddkeupMeet the geeksRalf Schwoebelwww.tradebit.comTodd 3. @trabit@toddkeupThanks ToddThanks to Todd, you should have a solidoverview of on-site search by now.Let me enhance it with my perspective 4. @trabit@toddkeupAt the end,caching only gets you so far Speed is a ranking matter (and ultimately traffic) Speeds major friend is caching Caching is the main enemy of fully dynamic pages! Dynamic pages are the key to conversion! 5. @trabit@toddkeupBeyond the input field 6. @trabit@toddkeupBeyond the input field For corrected search terms (did youmean) we show an affiliate trackinglink (internally) Ca. 4% of revenue results from typocorrections! 7. @trabit@toddkeupBeyond the input field Related products Geo-targeting Retargeting 8. @trabit@toddkeupRelated ProductsOnly tricky, when you grow, butthen REALLY tricky! 9. @trabit@toddkeupRelated ProductsSphinxPlus::prepareSearchStr[591]:businessSphinxQL::execute[118]:startedSphinxQL::execute[121]:Connecting to Sphinx ServerSphinxQL::connectQL[84]:startedSphinxQL::connectQL[101]:SphinxQL connection on:sp2SphinxQL::execute[123]:result: Resource id #64SphinxQL::buildQuery[167]:started businessSphinxQL::buildQuery[187]:businessSphinxQL::buildQuery[206]:businessSphinxQL::execute[129]:limit: 1000, start: 0dbQuery:select id from idxColEndbQuery:found 1000 db rec in 32.12ms 10. @trabit@toddkeupGeo TargetingTrustandIPorigin! 11. @trabit@toddkeupGeo TargetingRightsfromVendorRestricted! 12. @trabit@toddkeupMutating Landing PagesLanding PageGoodtexts,pitchingtexts,Informativetexts,video,pictures,etc.CalltoactionRotator1Tweet for a discountLike us on FB to winLimited time offerChannelLinkBaitAdd us on G+Funny Video!Local Events SEM 13. @trabit@toddkeupWhy is on-site search the key?Every page should be dynamic, but with a solidstatic perspective for Google, Bing &amp; Co.PAGEhttp://yoursite.tld/x.phpRelatedProductsBuyers, whobought thisalso boughtYou recentlysearched forthese...OS specificGeo Stuff 14. @trabit@toddkeupTechnology issues 15. @trabit@toddkeupSphinx 3Sphinx 2Sphinx 1MySQLMaster/Slave Cron based updates Different servers for differenttasks Several indices for severaltasks As a MySQL Service 16. @trabit@toddkeupSphinx: all in the mix! Sphinx can mix sources It can be used as anavigation center It works just like MySQL It is easy to learn and OpenSource! 17. @trabit@toddkeupOther technologies Search helpers (related/like Sphinx): Lucene (written in Java) MnogoSearch (completesearch engine, C++) NoSQL solutions, eg.: MongoDB CouchDB Hadoop world (with Hive) 18. @trabit@toddkeupOther technologies/Trends Are document based DBsfaster? What is MapReduce? Does the cloud help? 19. @trabit@toddkeupActual TrendsBig DataThe broad definition: Large databasesRelevant for us: Searching in Big Data forthe right data, quickly! 20. @trabit@toddkeupActual Trends 2RetargetingThe broad definition: track &amp; grab thecustomerRelevant for us: Searching in the right dataquickly! 21. @trabit@toddkeupWhat you need depends on what you want to achieve!ScalabilityManageabilitySpeedTransparencyTotal Cost ofOwnership 22. @trabit@toddkeupThank you!Ralf Schwoebelpuzzler@tradebit.comTwitter: &gt;Todd Keuptodd@magnifisites.comTwitter: </p>