Mastering JIRA Workflow - Atlassian Summit 2010

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Mastering JIRA Workflow Christina Bang, Atlassian


<ul><li>1.1! </li></ul> <p>2. Mastering JIRA Workows! Best Practices, Tips &amp; Tricks! Christina Bang!Atlassian Sales Engineer!2! 3. Agenda! 1. Power of Workow! 2. Terminology! 3. Dive In! Concepts! Default workow! Build your own: where to start, examples!4. Advanced and Super Advanced! Using and creating plugins! Common Transitions! 3! 4. PDF Guide! My own cheat-sheet! I created copy-and-paste text for emails! Do things in order, or else:! DOWNLOAD HERE:!!4! 5. Power of Workow! My favorite feature!! 5! 6. Workow: best feature of JIRA!! Purchase Orders! &gt; $5,000: Ofce Manager! &gt; $10,000: Senior Manager!1. Automate a process! 2. Enforce a process!6! 7. Workow: best feature of JIRA!! Thank yous! 3. Replace a form!4. Route information!7! 8. Workow: best feature of JIRA!! 5. Audit trail!Who did what, when! Permanent Record!8! 9. Workow: best feature of JIRA!! 6. Any business process!Resume tracking! Changes to website! Action items! Idea gathering!9! 10. Dive In! Concepts! 10! 11. Push vs Pull! Push process! Hand-off! Ownership! Pull process! Unassigned! Issues-in-waiting! 11! 12. Openvs Restricted!Open OpenIn progressIn progressResolved Resolved ReopenedClosed ReopenedClosed 12! 13. Issue basics! Issues always have a state! Open, Closed, Veried, Ordered! Status is for search &amp; reporting!Done or not done?! Does it have a Resolution?! 13! 14. Terminology!14! 15. Do you speak JIRA?! Workow has:! OpenStart Progress1. Statuses for Search! In progress Resolve IssueStart2. Transitions you will Click! Progress ResolvedClose IssueReopenedClosedReopen Issue 15! 16. Do you speak JIRA?! Transition Conditions ! Open Restrictions ! Start Progress Before the action, wont see it! In progress Resolve IssueStartProgress ResolvedClose IssueReopenedClosedReopen Issue 16! 17. Do you speak JIRA?! Transition Validators ! Open Check points ! Start Progress After the action, warning message! In progress Resolve IssueStartProgress ResolvedClose IssueReopenedClosedReopen Issue 17! 18. Do you speak JIRA?! Transition Post-Functions !Open Auto actions !Start Progress Users dont have to know!In progressResolve Issue Example: !StartEscalate Issue will automatically! ProgressResolved Assign to team lead!Close Issue Update the priority! ReopenedClosed Reopen Issue18! 19. What else workow touches! Screens! Fields! Permissions! Roles! Notications! Resolutions! Canned reports &amp; lters! 19! 20. Schemes save you time! Saved congurations! Write once, apply to many! Allow more exibility! Structure new projects on-the-y! Granular control! 20! 21. Resolutions Matter! ReOpen IssueField ips it ON! Resolution clears Resolution! Unresolved = eld has no value! OPEN issues are allowed to have Resolutions!21! 22. Dive In! Default Workow!22! 23. Default workow breakdown! Software development!Open Simple at rst glance! Start Progress Open like Atlassian!In progress Powerful + exible = complex!!Resolve Issue Push process! StartProgressResolved Notications, ownership! Close Issue Resolved = done! Closed = delivered!Reopened Closed Reopen Issue 23! 24. Conditions, Validators, Post-Functions! Start Progress Transition Built into default transitions! Affect notications, Resolutions!Depend on ! Permissions ! User roles!Only the assignee can execute this transitionThe Resolution field will be cleared 24! 25. Dive In! Build your own! 25! 26. Where to Start?!Modify the default Build from scratch Push process (ownership) Pull process (queue) Software dev process Dont want the default systemdependencies Using default permissions,roles Built in notificationsK.I.S.S. Very different process fromdefault Few steps (2) Simple changes Many steps (7+)26! 27. Before you build! VISUALIZE open or restricted; push or pull! IDENTIFY things to add/edit! Issue types! Fields! Screens! Statuses! Resolutions! PLAN transitions carefully! TEST when done!27! 28. Example 1: Add an Approval Step!OpenVISUALIZE Start ProgressIDENTIFY Statuses: Waiting for Approval, Approved!PLAN In progressTEST Resolution: Approved!Send for Approval Field: Reason for Approval! Waiting for approval Screen: Approve screen! Start Progress Approve Issue Users: add group Managers! Approved Conditions: Approve (restricted to Managers)! Close IssueReopenedClosed Reopen Issue 28! 29. Example 2: Build from scratch! 1. Anybody internal can enter an idea! 2. Track both ideas &amp; active work! 29! 30. Blog tracking! Open VISUALIZE Statuses!Start ProgressIDENTIFY Draft waiting for review! PLAN In progress TEST Publish date scheduled!Draft Complete Published! Draft waiting for Resolution: Published!reviewSchedule Blog Issue Type: Blog Entry!Close as not Field = Target Publish Date!published Publish Date ScheduledPublish Field = Blog Category! Condition: category owner!Closed not Published published 30! 31. With any workow! Visualize so you can do things in order! Most annoying JIRA gotcha - follow the cheat-sheet!31! 32. Advanced! 32! 33. Workow Plugins! Plugin Cool Stuff JIRA Suite Utilities Compare number condition $</p>


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