Mars Erosion

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  • Mars versus EarthToday:ErosionNext Unit:VolcanoesFaults and BoundariesOther Landforms Big Ideas:Rates of ChangeThe story of water and carbon

  • Essay:The above picture displays an alluvial fan-like structure. What planet is it found on, and how was it formed? Give evidence for your argument.

  • Our knowledge of the solar system is changing

  • Space travel is changing

  • Our knowledge of Mars is changing

  • Water on Mars

  • Deformation Bands of Mars and Earth(precursors of faults)"This study provides a picture of not just surface water erosion, but true groundwater effects widely distributed over the planet," said Suzanne Smrekar, deputy project scientist.

  • Martian pack ice (a)Earths Antarctica (b)

    Counting of craters indicates Martian pole melted 20 million years ago. Liquid water once existed on the surface of Mars.

  • Erosion of Earth and MarsLayered Mesas (and their formation)Mass WastingCanals: wind or water?

  • Martian Winds

  • "We're seeing what look like smaller sand bedforms on the tops of larger dunes, and, when we zoom in more, a third set of bedforms topping those," said HiRISE co-investigator Nathan Bridges of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. "On Earth, small bedforms can form and change on time scales as short as a day."

  • Mars had liquid water at its surfaceMars is subject to dust storms with fantastic winds


  • Hebes Chasma: Grand Canyon of Mars

  • Martian Avalanche