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  • 1.Content Development Workshop Lets get down to business brought to you by@katemorris

2. Kate Morris Principal Consultant @katemorris@katemorris 3. Developing Content@katemorris 4. Keyword Research is in the Past @katemorris 5. The Key to Content is Users @katemorris 6. Situation: New Product, No Competitors, No Known Product Keywords@katemorris 7. Beta User InterviewsAnalytics AnalysisNew Product Content Keyword PlannerPPC Tests @katemorris 8. Ready?@katemorris 9. @katemorris 10. Step#1User Stories (aka Personas) @katemorris 11. Step#1Identify and Define 3 User Types @katemorris 12. Step#1Identify and Define 3 User Types 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.Who are they? (Make up a name, occupation, etc.) What is their problem/issue/need that makes them look for your product or service? What other things are they dealing with in life? What do they do online? How do they find your website and what do you want them to do when they get there? @katemorris 13. Step#2Community Research@katemorris 14. Step#2 1. 2. 3.Find people on social media like your personas. Identify what they read and share. Use tools like Facebook, Google Surveys, Ask Your Target Market, or just email to survey them.@katemorris 15. Step#2Become a part of their community. 1. 2. 3. 4.Share knowledge in forums (no selling). Guest post and advertise on sites. Do favors, make friends. Above all, listen.@katemorris 16. Step#3Brainstorming@katemorris 17. Step#3Write. Everything. Down. @katemorris 18. Step#3Get someone elses input and ideas. @katemorris 19. Step#3Write. Everything. Down. @katemorris 20. Step#4Qualification@katemorris 21. Step#4S.I.N.N.E.R. shareable, informative, news breaking, novel, exceptional, and reactionary Your content needs at least three.@katemorris 22. Step#4Is your content sinning?@katemorris 23. Step#5Execute@katemorris 24. Step#5Execute Tips 1. 2.3. 4. 5. 6.Be better than what is currently out there. Be realistic about your capabilities and pay well for people doing things you cant (freelancer writers, designers, developers). Communicate the entire way with your team, boss, or client. Everyone has to agree. Be ready to let your idea go if it doesnt work. Promotion has to be a part of this process even if its just product content. Be proud to share it with others, if not, go back to the drawing board.@katemorris 25. You Should Have: A focus set of personas Where to start entering their community Tons of Ideas A smaller list of great ideas A plan for execution (community, influencers, guidelines)@katemorris