Managing projects in a social world, by James Evans

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Presentation led by James Evans from Yammer at the APM Conference 2013


  • 1. Managing Projectsin a Social WorldJames EvansCustomer Success Manager (CSM), EMEA
  • 2. Agenda
  • 3. We believe that every company, of every size, in every industry, in everycountry needs its own private social network around which its people,communication, and culture revolve - David Sacks, Yammer CEO
  • 4. PersonalisedTransparentAsynchronousUbiquitousSerendipitousSee information youre interested in,from people you know, and people you dontGet more visibility of, and contribute to,whats going on in your organisationContribute when you have timeContribute from wherever you areand with any devicePeripheral awareness and visibility
  • 5. Social for ProjectManagement
  • 6. Project stakeholdersPeople involved !in delivering !the project!People !impacted by !the project!
  • 7. Project stakeholders: InvolvedPeople involved !in delivering !the project!People !impacted by !the project!
  • 8. Benefits of Social Project ManagementLocating!expertise!Greater!visibility!Higher qualityoutput!Distributed teamcollaboration!Collaboration!with 3rd Parties!Process!efciency !
  • 9. Crowd source team membersoutside of traditional HR systemsNot just about your current job title,previous experience can be highlybeneficial and relevantBenefit from applying lessons learntfrom previous projectsLocating Expertise
  • 10. Everyone knows what is goingon and can contributeImproved visibility leads toreduced duplication of effortVisibility improves engagementacross the organisationGreater Visibility
  • 11. Working out loud enablescolleagues to contributeRapid iterative development ofproducts and deliverablesFocus on continuousimprovement and peer reviewHigher Quality Output
  • 12. Engaging teams acrossgeographical and time zonesMobile devices enable fieldbased employees to contributeLanguage translation enablesinternational collaborationDistributed Team Collaboration
  • 13. Working with 3rd parties is part ofmost large projectsDifficult to engage usingtraditional collaboration toolsCreate an external network so3rd parties cannot access mainYammer networkCollaboration with 3rd Parties
  • 14. Inefficient and manual processeswaste time on projectsFocus on higher value addactivities to make best use ofresourcesShared ownership of tasksimproved engagement andreduces time takenProcess Efficiency
  • 15. Project stakeholders: ImpactedPeople involved !in delivering !the project!People !impacted by !the project!
  • 16. Projects typically result in newways of working Communication is key and amove from broadcast toconversation Yammer gives you a way toengage with everyoneimpacted by the projectMaking change more effective
  • 17. Project Managementat Yammer
  • 18. How Yammer builds softwareStandardDevelopmentMethodologyRapidIteration
  • 19. Keys to SocialSuccess
  • 20. Build it and they will come does not work!
  • 21. The keys to social successMaintainingmomentum!Adapting!Clarity ofPurpose!Integration!Effectivemoderation!Lead byExample!
  • 22. Social is different to traditional communication channels! Social can improve project delivery! Social can benet both those Involved and those Impacted! Follow the 6 keys to social success!Summary