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Wearable Technology: Today and Tomorrow

Makerspaces & 3D PrintingDiana SilveiraNovare Library Services

AgendaThe basics of 3D printingIntroduction to 3D creation softwaresBeyond 3D printing - makerspace ideasHow libraries can set-up Makerspaces within their libraryWhy libraries should be at the forefront of the makerspace movement

Basics of 3D printing

Images: | | | | 'We are on the verge of the next industrial revolution' - General Electric on 3D printing

Image from:

3D Printing changing the world

Duck Brace: Story:

Story: Stories: Castle: China:

3D printers print ten houses in 24 hoursBuilding Houses around the world

Johnson Public Library: Fl Story: Arm at Medical implications

Image from, more @

Doctors decided to use a 3D printer to create the splint as time was of the essence in order to Kaiba to survive his ordeal.




Story: Wrench video: 3D Printing & Space Exploration

Replacement tools & partsFoodWrench in Space: Space Station:

Introduction to 3D printing

3D Printers

Makerbot Replicator Series

$1999 - $6,500Afinia$1,299Used in many academic and high schoolsABS and PLA FilamantsMake: Best Overall Experience

VA Dream Lab:

The new Afinia H800 has a build area 5x larger (10 x 8 x 8 inches) than the H480, and has many additional enhancements:HEPA filtration systemFully-automated platform leveling and height sensing30% fasterUltra-fine 100-micron print resolutionOne button filament color changingSmart support material technologyEasy filament spool loadingFully-enclosed system

Cubify$999 for multicolor $1299 and upRobo 3D$599 - $699ABS and PLA

Mod-T$199 More on IndieGogo Campaign and Timeline - Make Your OwnInstructions and pictures:

3D Doodler

Images from MOSI 3D Exhibit

Disney creates fabric 3d printerMore at Make your own food

Chefjet: & pics: DISCOV3RY Paste Extruder: 3D Printed Pizza? Burgers?


FilamentsPLA FilamentPolylactic acid is a thermoplastic polyesterMade from renewable resources and biodegradable ( Safe for Food ContactRoughly: 20 / lb (hard), $30 / lb (soft)Must use on non-heated plate (i.e. MakerBot Replicator 2)

ABS FilamentNeeds heated build plateImpact resistant and toughHard & GlossyPetroleum-basedFlammableProne to cracking if cooled too quicklyUsually bends before it breaksHas a strong, toxic smellStrength is relatively equal to PLARoughly $20/lb

New Filaments Flexible filaments; More experimental filaments at:

Print in PLA-Bamboo

Color Changing Filaments


ActivityDownload an item from Edit & Print

Sources for free 3D Designs Instructables

HacksMake it StandDIY: Enhancements & PartsMake Your Own PrinterUse a Glass plateWith PLA, use a cooling Fan to avoid stickingGreat site:

Making it PrettyPrime (Use Spray on Primer)Practice Plan (Use Acrylic Paints)Custom hydrographic design for 3D printing

Story: Introduction to 3D creation softwareAvailable software

3dtin.comTinkercad.comSketchupOpenSCADWings3DScupltrisAutodesk 123DMaya 3ds MaxBlenderproject.Image from TinkerCadFreeEasy to UseBasic Functionality

OpenSCADOpen SourceUses Code instead of freehand


Blender (

TipsPatience the learning curve is highDesign in Orthogonal ViewUses Units, for ease 1 unit = 1mmUse Printer Software for size

Academics: Get the software free -

$1470 annual feeDigital ScanningTaking 3D ScansReConstructMe (Use with Your Kinect!)SkanectAutodesk 123D Catch


Theres AN App for thatTrnioRendorreplicator

Cubifys ISENSE DIGITAL SCANNERBeyond 3D printingMakerspace ideas for any budgetHackerspacecommunity-operated workspaceComputersTechnologySciencedigital artelectronic art meet,socialize, collaborateMany participate in the use & development offree softwareopen hardwarealternative media

Source: Image from DIY Anything goes

3D PrintersRobotics Building DronesCreating ClothesCreating Medieval ArmorJewelry MakingPapercraftCulinary ArtsWhat else?photos and Ideas:; ideas: MaKeyArticleOfficial SiteVideo

Little Bits

Put them together.

Video: Snap CircuitsBionic Blocs

STEAM ResourcesKaleido gearsLegosK'nex

Image: Raspberry Pi & Arduinios

A credit card-sized computer for $35Use as a general purpose computingLearning to programProject platformMedia CenterWrite your own OSSource:, image;; Write Own OS: ( More on Ardinio & Raspberry Pi:

Why not circulate them?Whats the difference?Raspberry PiA mini-computerRequires anoperating systemHas a micro-SD card for storageBuilt-in EthernetPlug in a keyboard and monitorCan run Linux

ArduinoA microcontrolleropen-source electronics prototyping platformYou build the circuits and interfaces for interactionUSB port used to upload and communicate with Arduino sketches


letsmakerobots instructablesFun with Arduino Could turn into


First Lego League Make Your Own Wearable technologyBecky Stern (

Children Arts Space

Art StudiosLibrary Programsimage

Digital ArchivesPodcastingOral History CenterConverting/Scanning Photos

Image of Podcasting

Recording Studios

imageExamples of MakerspacesYou can imagine it, you can create it-

3D Printing LabI Street Press for Community WritingAllentown Public Library

The library is in the learning business, not just the book business, said Director Jeff Krull.Allen County collaborated with TekVenture, an educational nonprofit specializing in makerspace technology, to create the lab. Working off a simple one-page agreement, TekVenture agreed to provide the trailer, along with the equipment and some free programming, and Allen County offered free parking. Cleveland Public LibraryImage: Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine3D Printing and ScanningVinyl Cutting MachinePhotography, Videography, and Graphics DesignMusic Recording and ProductionMakerSpace Computer Access and Meeting Space

Fayetteville Free Library

Image: 3D PrintersPCsGreen Screen Wall and Video CameraLittle Makers


Link: St Petersburg College Innovation Lab

Palm Harbors Makerspace for ChildrenSimple set-up SuppliesFurniture ModificationPossibly ElectricalOngoing$192 @month on ave suppliesOver 1000 kids have used the space

Additional Makerspace AdultOrange Countys Melrose CenterMusic Recording StudioVideo Editing & Recording StudioPhotography StudioConference SpaceSimulation Lab

More ExamplesThe HivePasco County & Oculus RiftList of More: Setting Up a MakerspaceDesigning SpaceFlexibleRoom for small groupsLots of Electric Outlets*Sealed Concrete Floors recommendedEasy to access supplies/cleaning equipmentGood ventilationSpace for hardware/Space for play

Images from

* Is needed - 220 volts or even three-phase power.FurnitureWorkbenches/Long TablesMoveable FurnitureShelving for storing supplies & ongoing projectsWhiteboards (or Idea Paint!)

Furniture can be used or made

Image from: Buy usedEquipmentEquipment for each Maker StationCleaning ToolsCollaboration ToolsLaptops with specialized softwareHandy? Make yo