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  1. 1. Generation Z Disruptive Innovation June 1, 2015
  2. 2. As Millennials begin to step into parenthood, Gen-Z is beginning to draft up their first college essays and earn their first paychecks. The brands and businesses who learn to engage them now are going to be tomorrows winners. But you already know that. Gen-Z has never known a world without the touchscreen (and all of the educational, playful and expressive opportunities found therein). Their social networks look different than oursits the immersive, constructive games they play and the messaging chat apps that allow them to artfully communicate. Its Snapchat, Steam and Line, not Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr. Kids are growing up with a digital footprint before they even leave the womb.
  3. 3. Understanding this now, and continuously examining this landscape, frequently gives us a foundation to predict new Z behaviors and engineer experiences for them that stick. To be interesting to Gen Z you must first and foremost, be there for them on-demand and ever present. This one feature, (known as a premium to Gen X and even some Millennials), is a forgone conclusion in the world of Z. They have (and have always have had) unprecedented access to information and enrichment. And that access is only becoming greater. The following pages are an information blast of products that have inspired us, by clearly delivering on and supplementing these demands. The question is will you? This document contains 106 products forming the backbone of how Gen Z live, work and play.
  4. 4. Making your Second-Screen, your game encompassing Only-Screen. Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite shows, while playing your favorite games, based on those shows? Well now, if you live in Australia, you can. Cartoon Networks Watch & Play app allows you to sync Cartoon Network games right alongside your favorite Cartoon Network shows. Learn more: Cartoon Network Anything Try it: Android and iOS Makeable 2015
  5. 5. Step into your TV. Abbys Fairy Rock expands the world of TV from the wall to your lap with this interactive second screen companion. Learn and play guitar with Abby's band and watch her fly from the big screen to the one in your hand. Do more than watch TV, be a part of it in this amazing augmented reality screen merging app. It made a huge splash at CES 2013 and were looking forward to the next generation of immersive TV experiences. Learn more: Makeable 2015
  6. 6. Theres goblins and games hidden all around you. Hidden Park is the awesome augmented reality game that gets your kids off the couch and outdoors chasing down clues to unlock adventures. Let the iOS app guide your kids on mini geotagged missions in your local park where taking photos, and memorializing the experience is part of the game. While the app isnt new, its an excellent storytelling platform bridging kids physical and digital behaviors. Learn more: Try it: iOS Makeable 2015
  7. 7. Finally, a way to build and collect your own robots. Let your imagination come to life within the immensely creative Robot Factory. Build your bots from the numerous custom features, then let it run, roll, hop or tumble as you take it for a test run. Kids can spend hours experimenting with and sharing different robot combinations and functions. Learn more: Try it: iOS Makeable 2015
  8. 8. The virtual world taking over every kid's life, and a little bit of ours. Minecraft is not only Gen-zs hottest game, but it's also their hottest social hang-out-spot. In Minecraft, the possibilities are endless; explore your favorite cities built to scale, ride a rollercoaster, or play paintball and capture the flag. The possibilities are growing exponentially, and were on the edge of our seats to see what will happen next. Our advice, if you have time to kill, is just dig around youtube. If you still arent convinced, the next few slides of our favorite Minecraft innovations should do it. Learn more: Makeable 2015
  9. 9. Build it, explore it, and teach it in a virtual classroom. Minecraft is full of hidden gems, and it's not all booby traps and giant recreations of mythical worlds like you may have heard. Some people are building educational experiences with the platform that help players explore actualized structures in a fun and new comprehensive format. Walk through a human body or explore the inner workings of an engine. You can even find a personal tour guide on Youtube. Watch: Take a trip through the human body Makeable 2015
  10. 10. Its really a virtual world when countries begin colonizing. Denmark recently built a 1-to-1 model of its own country in Minecraft. The purpose was to educate users and allow them to explore, even build a house and move in. That is, unless the whole city gets vandalized first. Some Minecraft pranksters snuck in and blew it up with TNT subsequently placing American flags throughout. Aside from the controversial act of virtual vandalism, the fact that Denmark accomplished such a feat is an exceptional tribute to the versatility of the creative platform. Watch: Take a tour of Denmark in Minecraft Makeable 2015
  11. 11. When you build a wall, someone is going to figure out how to tag it. Graffiti has officially entered the world of Minecraft in the form of a mod that allows users to spray blocks different colors. Adjust the brush and leave your mark on your favorite brick wall. We wonder how much the Banksy Minecraft wall will go for. Watch: Digital graffiti in action Makeable 2015
  12. 12. Now you can visit Disneys Magic Kingdom from the comfort of your couch. The Magic Kingdom has opened its digital doors. A family of servers host a recreation of the world famous Disney theme park built at a 1-to-1 scale of the original. Its downloadable, explorable, and playable. Within the expansive volunteer run creation, you will find nightly fireworks, shows, events, games and more. The expansive nature of the MCMagic servers are a true reflection of Disneys empire. Learn more: Watch: Take a virtual tour of the Magic Kingdom Makeable 2015
  13. 13. Skip the lines, cold hot dogs and lost hats. Minecraft has roller coasters you can ride for free. These Minecraft coasters offer something different from the twisty vomit inducers you re used to. Each unique masterpiece of art and engineering will take you dipping-n-diving through an elaborate visual journey. Words cannot describe the brick-by-brick attention to detail it takes to create these experiences. Watch: The Night Rail Before Christmas Makeable 2015
  14. 14. You would think, in a virtual Lego-like world, building things by hand would be the fun part. Well, it is, even if youre building and programming a giant virtual 3D printer that can make everything for you. The complexities of the processes that run this virtual machine are outstanding in-and-of itself. It takes a binary genius to engineer something as complex as this out of blocks. Watch: 3D Printer With 16 Colors (Minecraft Invention) Makeable 2015
  15. 15. On the internet, pranks are inherent. But the Rickrolling world we once knew is gone. In a game with little-to-no rules, and exhaustive creative options, the pranks are amazing. From drowing users hard earned houses to boobie traps, Minecraft is a world laden with prank wars. Watch: Creative pranks in Minecraft Makeable 2015
  16. 16. Have you ever been playing a game, just wishing you could conjure that magical tool you need to beat a level? Typically youre stuck with the boring tools the game provides you, weve been there, except when were playing Scribblenauts. Its the fun little game that lets you unleash your imagination, type and conjure almost anything to overcome the level at hand. Will a firebreathing-unicorn-pegasus get the job done? Type it in and try it out. Its that easy, and that awesome. Learn more: Makeable 2015
  17. 17. Heres another reason to shout over your friends at the bar. Headsup is the mobile game sweeping friends and families across the nation. Its the fun crossover game of hot potato and Scattergories. Hold the phone to your head and guess the object youre holding up as your friends describe it aloud. But dont get caught with the phone when your timer runs out. We ve seen many thrown phones in our experiences with this game, so make sure you have a good case. Learn more: Try it: Android and iOS Makeable 2015
  18. 18. You know all those in-between moments in traditional RPGs ...when youre fishing between dragon hunting or getting clothes for your character after killing some zombies? Well, Animal Crossing is an entire game made up of those moments combined with an aspiration to collect, only comparable to a 12 year old on Free Magic The Gathering Card Pack Day. Spend your days farming, selling for profit, trading, decorating your house or collecting for your museum. Its extremely addicting and kids love it. Learn more: Makeable 2015
  19. 19. Who knew something so hideous could sound so good? In this extremely creative economy simulation game, you can build a sustainable village of monsters, that sing. Each monster makes a unique noise, but together, its a symphony. Make money, hire new monsters and customize your song. Grow, breed and collect tons of fun creatures to make your own unique orchestra. Learn more: Try it: Android and iOS Makeable 2015
  20. 20. Its all around you. Outside your window, on your way to work, at your moms house everywhere. Ingress is the augmented reality game that youre always playing. Identify geotagged portals, capture them and solve puzzles created by the other team. Its essentially a giant AR game of capture the flag, played all over the world. Learn more: Try it: Android