Make Your Website Working Harder For You

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Getting more traffic to your website and converting that traffic into customers; maintaining an effective ecommerce store.



2. OUR GOALS1) Getting people to your site 2) Convert traffic into customers 3) Turn your e-commerce site intoyour best salesman 3. HOW SEARCH WORKS 4. WRITING FOR THE WEB Give users a call to action Short paragraphs with clear information Keyword density Contextual links 5. IMPORTANCE OF REGULAR UPDATES Updating your site with promotions and/or special events Online calendar Blog Feed from social networking sites such as Twitter 6. SOCIAL NETWORKING Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Industry-Specific Social Networks Destination sites Incoming links High ranking Communicate with customers 7. FREE DIRECTORIES Merchant Circle, Kudzu, Yelp, DMOZ Incoming links Get fed into other services such as GoogleMaps, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local. 8. PROMOTING YOUR SITE Promote your site offline on Brochures Business cards Yellow Pages Traditional advertisements 9. TURNING TRAFFIC INTO CUSTOMERS Using Google Analytics No content more than 2-3 clicks deep Call to action Landing pages Ecommerce 10. WHY ECOMMERCE? The silver lining in the cloud of the global recession is that Web businesses are certain to fare better than their offline counterparts as consumers continue to shift their daily activities online. Online sales growth rate continues its upward trend by as much as 13% per year.-Forrester Research 11. MANAGING YOUR ECOMMERCE SITE Run the right shopping cart Product descriptions Change Special Promotions Frequently Create Cross Promotions Use Google Base/Google Product Search Offer Free Shipping as much as possible Create a discount/clearance section Clarify order deadline Link advertisements to specific pages 12. QUESTIONS? 13. Google Search Results