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DESCRIPTION Magento Bike store is a super interactive and engaging entertainment magento theme perfect for Sport Store, Bike Store, Fashion Store…

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  • 1. Magento Bike store theme offers your store wonderful features such as the horizontal mega menu,the zoom plug-in or product review (poll) used to improve the stores service and products qualityHighlight Feature NewCompatible with all browserEach browser interprets your website in a different manner which means that it may appeardifferently to visitors using different browsers FeatureHTML5 + Css3HTML5 and CSS3 bring loads of new features and functionality to the modern web. Be up todate with latest web standards FeatureCMS Static blockSet of tabbing content help your product page to maintain the product contents bettervisibility. You can enable or disable the tabbing as per your requirement NewHomepage slideshowA fully customizable Slideshow comes with flexible slideshow that allows adjusting contentalignment, width, slideshow height or even making it fluid. Also you can change transitioneffects, speed, timing, etc. Moreover, Slideshow comes with touch navigation for mobile, andyou can set slideshow to be displayed on every store page with Global slideshow option. NewCustomizable product pageClean and readable product page your customers can easily find all important information.Configurable width of the main columns, prominent brand logo (with link to other products),product image (customizable size) with Cloud Zoom and light box, tabs smoothly turning intoaccordion on narrow screens, additional custom tabs and CMS blocks, sliders for related andup-sell products, customizable product options.DOWNLOAD PRODUCTLIVE DEMOThe uprising of e-commerce has been widespread in many businesses all over the world. Whilesport practice is being an increasing trend, bike store has been considered as one of the field whichis expanding towards satisfying online customers.. The theme is amazing on front-end andcustomizable in back-end.The first impression is a powerful slider, allowing customers not only to catch productsdescriptions promptly but also to control the slider easily. Big banners are well-designed with

2. images and text effects so that clients can get the best interaction with the products, inspiring theirchoices.The mega menu will totally maximize the space of showcasing your products. You wont haveto be worried about the lack of blank on homepage even if your store owns the huge amount ofproduct types. Moreover, the mega menu also provides you positions to place your slogans besidesthe product list so that it becomes more appealing to the customers. Magento Bike Store themehelps you classify the products neatly and add more relating products with the drop-downlist.Magento Bikestore Theme 3. Magento Bike store theme is amazing from the first sight. With useful functions, customers willentirely fall in love with your webshop.Product Details Layout 4. Responsive templateResponsive web design is clever styling technique that allows a single front -end to deliver todesktops, tablets, smart-phones and all other internet devices 5. Module Quick ViewYour customer can easy have quick review of product detail when they are browsing the productlisting page. The quick view functions will not only reduce the shopping time but also will bring theconvenient experience to shopper. 6. Category List/Grid layoutThe 2 styles of grid and list display help your customers see the products fast and easily. Customercan flexibly change the display styles to view product as list or grid. 7. Ajax CartThe ajax cart has changed the way people approach their cart. It now can be accessed from anypages with a drop-down list. The easily accessible cart also helps you to take such actions as deleteor edit right on cart without redirecting you to another. Therefore it saves time loading for both pageand clients. 8. Ajax SearchAjax Search and Auto Complete extension allows users to search products in a search form, usingAjax method for attractive effects and loading results quickly. 9. Zoom Images PluginCmsmart themes use JavaScript Zoom which is the best way to your visitors can zoom the productsimage in/out to see details of the product.Powerful Mega MenuMega menus are the latest trend for site navigation; we have been using it for Magento theme forquite some time now. Mega menu overcome some of the usability drawbacks of traditional styledrop-downs. 10. SlideShowFront page Banners Slideshow with many transformer effects. This module will help shop owners tointroduce news special products, events, big sale promotions in a large view and bring the firstimpression to website visitors. 11. Multiple Language, CurrencyWhatever countries you comes from, we can meet your requirements of languages and currencies. WHY TO CHOOSE CMSMART ALL FEATURES FAQSPSD FilesWe deliver products with full layered Adobe Photoshop PSD files, then you can freely change anytype of the designs that you wish 12. Cross Browser SupportAll products work efficiently and fluently on popular web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Operaand Explorer 8 & 9Responsive DesignFlexible design allows our themes and extensions running well on PC, tablets, smart phones withdifferent screen resolution.DocumentationsEvery product is included with full user guides bringing you the best support and instruction for yourinstallation.CSS 3, HTML 5 and jQuery 13. We apply advanced techniques generation of CSS 3, HTML 5 and jQuery. The powerful mix of thethree widgets enriches the website from structure to appearance so that the website can be fullyinteractive with customers.Optimized for Search EnginesOur coders attach enormous key elements while coding products so that the search engine can readyour website easily. Moreover, we create crawlable link structures to make Googles spider reachdifferent pages in the first landing place; thereby, it can optimize the value of page content.Fully CustomizedManaging every element of a product through back-end panel makes our products into your ownones.Google FontFont can be changed flexibly using Google font. We support your website to be featured and mostfitted to stores style by only one click.