Live the Smart Life: Using Connected Technology to Help People Make Better Decisions

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  • 1. live the SMART LIFE using connected technology to help people make better decisions
  • 2. People do use and want to use devices in homes Using technology to help gather/track personal health data has become more common, but now consumers are showing an interest in using tools for other lifestyle areas, too. The Smart Life now includes the Smarthome one that leverages the power of data to better control appliances, manage energy use and save money. 55% of Americans use devices to gather/track personal data with children* without children* 74% *under 18 living in the household 48%
  • 3. How people live the Smart Life home energy personal finance provide real-time information to track saving, spending, and develop budgets. personal fitness allow homeowners to go solar without the headache. Families pay for electricity, but dont buy solar panels outright. The provider is responsible for installation, monitoring and repairs. Combining solar with home energy devices, and comfortable home environment. Wireless-enabled, wearable, activity-tracking devices measure data such as the number of steps walked, quality of sleep, and other personal metrics.
  • 4. Why people use/would use connected technology to save money: 45% to stay organized: 41% to save time: 37% higher than any other age group, those 1834 do/would use devices to gather/track personal data: 56% to save money 53% to stay organized higher than any other age group, those 4554 do/would use devices to gather/track personal data: for fun: 35% 38% for safety: 33% for safety
  • 5. Living smart at home The majority of Americans reported they would make better choices for their homes if they were able to collect data on their personal habits and usage around the house (60%). They also strive to make their familys lives smarter with the help of connected technology (61%). consumer feelings based on gender GUYS GALS BOTH GUYS & GALS ARE INTERESTED IN USING DEVICES TO IMPROVE FAMILY LIFE 64% I would like to know about connected devices that I can use to make my familys life smarter 59% 62% I would make better choices for my home if I were able to collect data on personal habits and usage around the house 58% GUYS & GALS SOMEWHAT DIFFER ON WHY THEY WOULD SHARE PERSONAL DATA PUBLICLY 35% I like to share personal and lifestyle data I collect through connected devices with friends and family 40% 28% I want to impress my friends and neighbors by having a smarthome 19%
  • 6. Lynn Jurich, Co-CEO & Co-founder, Sunrun The results of our survey show a new trendhow technology is enabling consumers to be more active in making changes that positively impact their quality of life. The survey was commissioned by Sunrun and conducted online by Harris Interactive in October 2930, 2013 among 2,022 U.S. adults ages 18 and older. For complete methodology, including weighting variables, please contact Owen Remeika at or 415-655-4560.