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    Tips & Tricks

  • LinkedIn

    Why do I need to be on LinkedIn? Do I need to be on LinkedIn

    if Im not looking for a job?

    Whats LinkedIn going to do for me?

  • LinkedIn

    97% of recruiters use LinkedIn to locate candidates.

    89% of recruiters hired someone through LinkedIn.

    73 % of 18-34 year olds found their jobs through social media.

    13% 18-34 year olds are on LinkedIn.

    30% of Google searches are employment related if you set your LI profile up correctly, you will be found in a Google search.

    Why do I need to be on LinkedIn?

  • LinkedIn

    Keeps you in front of people all the time. Who knows what opportunities are out there?

    Always ready for new opportunities.

    Keep your LinkedIn profile fresh and up-to-date (yes, including your

    head shot), so youre always ready.

    Dont be faced with updating your profile all at once and worrying that your boss and co-workers can see what youre doing.

    But Im not sure I want to be found!

  • LinkedIn

    Querying LinkedIn

    job search for

    systems engineer returned 61,000+ results.

    engineer returned 97,000+ results.

    java skills returned 42,700+ results.

    project management returned 239,500+ results.

    electrical engineer returned 34,000+ results.

  • LinkedIn

    Through your LinkedIn profile!

    How do recruiters and hiring authorities find you?

    5 most important recruiter searchable fields on your profile: Location Title Company Industry Keywords

  • LinkedIn

    When recruiters perform a search, no matter the criteria, profile pictures are always displayed.

    A recruiter is 11 times more likely to look at your profile if you have an appropriate profile picture.

    Profile pictures should be professional-looking head shots not full body, not glamour shots. Your head shot should match the industry/ career youre interested in.

    A note about your profile picture, aka your head shot.

  • LinkedIn

    1 Turn off your activity broadcasts privacy/settings. This keeps people from seeing every single change you make to your profile. Your cumulative changes will appear when you save your edits. 2 Make sure your name is spelled correctly, is in the correct order, and can be found. If you have an unconventional name, put the conventional spelling in parens after it. For example, Vikki (Victoria) Jones. If someone searches for Victoria, they wont find Vikki (or Torrie)!

    Lets get started on your profile!

  • LinkedIn

    3 Last name. Your last name is your last name. However, you can also use that field to append any certifications you have that you feel recruiters might look for. For example, if Vikki Jones has an MBA, she could enter Jones MBA as her last name. Recruiter searches for MBA will pick up the MBA in the last name field! Dont go overboard on this. PMP, MBA, CSM are some of the hot certifications.

  • LinkedIn

    4 Headline. Your headline is 200 characters long. This is where you start building your keywords into your profile.

    Headline and key words marketing your brand

    How do you figure out what keywords to use? Choose keywords that match the job or career youre looking for.

    Put your current job title and company in your headline

    make sure you use the common term for your title. Job title is a key search field for recruiters!

  • LinkedIn

    Headline and key words marketing your brand

    This is when LinkedIns search tools become valuable to you. If you know people in your same position, look for them on LinkedIn, and see how they list their titles. You can search for jobs with your job title and see what comes up is there another way your job title is expressed? Search for the other job title and see which gets more hits.

  • LinkedIn

    Headline and key words marketing your brand

    Search for jobs that you are interested in.

    Read the postings for key words in each job description (across several postings).

    Do any of those key words apply to you? Put them in your


  • LinkedIn

    Your summary

    2000 characters to describe the authentic you.

    This is not a rsum write in 1st person.

    This is a marketing document sell yourself your skills, your personality, you!

  • LinkedIn

    Marketing your brand through your summary

    Use a consistent set of key words through your profile.

    Use appropriate key words in your summary to emphasize your experience and skills.

    Again, remember to use key words that indicate your job functions not just the job title.

    Keeping to a core group of key words increases your ranking in searches (both for recruiters and other people who are looking).

  • LinkedIn

    More ideas for your summary

    Create a branding statement for yourself. Heres what I love to do; heres how I use it to solve problems; heres how I want to use it going forward (or how Im using it where I am now).

    Love your company and want people to know it? Write about why you chose to work there work environment, your impact on the company, how it lets you use your best talent, how it allows you to grow and learn.

    List specific skills (languages, software packages, programming languages, certificates, etc) in your summary.

  • LinkedIn

    Other tips and tricks

    No graduation dates if youre worried about ageism.

    Taken classes at other colleges? List them.

    Work for a subsidiary of a conglomerate, like GE? Research to see how others on LinkedIn

    are listing their subsidiarys name.

    Recruiter search on GE Healthcare returns thousands of people,

    search on General Electric Healthcare returns hundreds.

  • LinkedIn

    Other tips and tricks

    Include clubs, sororities, sports, band, whatever honors and activities you have been participating in. This broadens your search reach. It also gives you more ways to connect with people.

    Also include awards and projects in your job description.

    Recruiters dont always see the rewards and projects fields.

  • LinkedIn

    Using LinkedIn

    to network

    More connections make you more visible, show up on more searches.

    Dont have to connect to everyone who asks to connect. Dont know them? Look them up.

    Dont use boilerplate Id like to connect with you letter. Create

    your own personalized letter, tell why youd like to connect. Touch on anything you have in common interest in the company, a friend works there, you went to the same college, whatever.

  • LinkedIn


    Groups: #1 way to grow your network

    Find out about a new industry or career by joining groups.

    Search for groups based on interests, job titles, companies, and industry.

    Be active in your groups to raise your profile to people in

    your group and recruiters. This also grows your network. You never know when a company might be looking for someone.

  • LinkedIn

    Using LinkedIn

    to research careers and jobs

    Save your LinkedIn

    job searches.

    Receive alerts from your saved job searches.

    Search for jobs by job titles, companies, people who work in certain companies.

    Research a company through your connections in the company or their connections!

  • LinkedIn

    Using LinkedIn

    groups for research

    Find out about a new industry or career by joining groups.

    Search for groups based on interests, job titles, companies, and industry.

    Be active in your groups to raise your profile to recruiters and to people in your group. You never know when a company might be looking for someone.

  • LinkedIn

    Develop a LinkedIn practice

    Spend 10 minutes every couple of days on LinkedIn.

    Post articles to your groups and to people you are trying to connect or meet with.

    Comment on articles that are posted in your groups so people will begin to know who you are.

    Connect to everyone you can think of you never know who someone else knows OR where theyve worked.

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