LinkedIn Groups - The ins and outs

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Short presentation on how to successfully set up and run a LinkedIn Group. Covers assessing if it is right for your audience, getting content read and analysing content to adapt and adjust.

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  • 1. LinkedIn Groups The ins and outs

2. LinkedIn Groups Why?"Of the three top socialnetworks - LinkedIn converts277% more than Facebook orTwitter. HubSpot2 sheilascarborough 3. Is a group right for my audience? 3 airiklopez 4. Are you target audience on LinkedIn? 4 5. Is this their preferred medium?5 6. Will they engage, comment or relate to the materials? 6 simajr 7. NOTE: Topic groups tend tooutperform branded groups1. Members feel it is more athought leadership/insightsand discussion and less of asales pitch. 7 8. NOTE: Topic groups tend tooutperform branded groups2. Digital natives join groupswhere they feel they will beless sold to and moreeducated. 8 9. If your audience are primed for a group - are you?1. Establish the objectivesof your LinkedIn group.2. Know what successlooks like. 9 10. Choose your KPIs 10 11. Source content!1. Set up a content calendar.11 12. Source content! THE80:20RULE FOR CONTENT 12 13. Source content!2. Post 4 pieces fromother sources to one ofyour own. 13 14. Focus on the extroverts!THE80:20 RULE FOR COMMUNITY 14 15. Focus on the extroverts!20% will be you keyaudience. Who will respondand engage with your content.Nurture them!15 16. Focus on developing introverts!Others may just listen.Too shy to engage orcomment yet still soaking upyour content.Nurture them too! 16 17. Set up a team1. Name a LinkedIn championFocused on sending a weeklyreminder for updates andstats on performance.17 18. Set up a team2. Find experts 18 raster 19. Set up a teamHave (at least) 3 subjectmatter experts.Willing to give 5 minutes aday to post and comment.19 20. Set up a team3. Have (at least) 2 articles orpieces of content readyevery week. 20 21. Set up a team4. Set Google alerts to search for market information. Think -80:2021 22. Launch, analyse, learn & adjustSocial campaigns.Theres no start, middle orend its on-goingengagement22 23. Launch, analyse, learn & adjustLook at successful posts Analyse against KPIsadapt and repeat. 23 24. Launch, analyse, learn & adjustShare what works withyour teams and company thenKeep innovating 24 25. Launch, analyse, learn & adjustKeep abreast of platform andsocial media updates. Newfeatures, policies, tools etc. 25 26. Launch, analyse, learn & adjust More at nickwallen.co26