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  • 1. LINKEDIN By Kelly Mirabella, Stellar Media Marketing Friday, August 30, 13
  • 2. Huge doors swing on small hinges meaning sometimes the little things that you add in your prole that set you apart are the things that open those big doors to opportunity. Friday, August 30, 13
  • 3. LINKEDIN STATS 238 million users world wide (84M in the USA) 27% visits via mobile device 40% of users check their account daily LinkedIn counts executives from all 2013 Fortune 500 companies as members. LinkedIn members did over 5.7 billion professionally-oriented searches on the platform in 2012. Friday, August 30, 13
  • 4. Things have changed... Friday, August 30, 13
  • 5. YOUR PROFILE Make a Great First Impression (see Photos Matter) Optimize - Keywords and Phrases Be Found - Go Public Websites & Custom URL Summary, Experience & Education Recommendations Spell Check Issues LinkedIn proles are searchable through all major search engines, Including Google, Bing andYahoo. Friday, August 30, 13
  • 6. Photos Matter A professional headshot should meet the following requirements: 1. Focus on subjects face with limited distractions 2. Subject should be smiling 3. Subject is wearing clothing that reects their personal brand. 4. No sunglasses, no hat, no t-shirts with slogans or intricate patterns 5. Females no plunging necklines or large, dangling earrings Be honest: Do you look the same in your professional and social media photos? If not, you have a branding problem. Friday, August 30, 13
  • 7. HOW DOYOU RANK? Friday, August 30, 13
  • 8. SEARCH Find People Find Jobs Find Opportunities Stay in the know - Get Updates Friday, August 30, 13
  • 9. GROWYOUR NETWORK How to GrowYour Network Email connections Import Contacts Alumni People you may know Use apps like CardMunch Etiquette New Features Sync with other accounts Notes Reminders How you met Friday, August 30, 13
  • 10. INCREASE VISIBILITY & ENGAGEMENT Group Interaction Post Regularly Images Links Status Updates LinkedIn Today Friday, August 30, 13
  • 11. HOW DO I FAQ Rid myself of Endorsements and/or the notications Update my email Delete my account Delete a Connection Friday, August 30, 13
  • 12. BEST PRACTICES Fill out your profile to 100% +++ Have a great photo Be active Use the tools Friday, August 30, 13
  • 13. UPCOMING CLASSES Social Media Made Simple Date/Time: September 10th 2Pm 3:30PM Location: Southglenn Library Centennial CO Investment: FREE Learn Hootsuite Learn to use the social media power tool Hootsuite Date/Time: September 12th 2Pm 3:30PM Location: Koebel Library in the DTC Investment: Early Bird $25 Regular $35 The Power of Email Marketing Date/Time: September 17th 10AM 11:30AM Location: Koebel Library Room A in the DTC Investment: FREE Create a Stellar Social Media Strategy Date/Time: September 19th 12PM 1:30PM Location: Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce - 1445 Market St. Denver, CO 80202 Investment: 0-$25 Friday, August 30, 13
  • 14. QUESTIONS? Friday, August 30, 13
  • 15. RESOURCES Listen: Read: Contact: Kelly Mirabella 720.515.6137 Engage: Friday, August 30, 13