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Lets party columbia univ jan 2014

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  • 1. Team 33Lets PARTAY! www.letspartay.comTeam: Mike Malone Juri Kondratev Yan WangMetrics that Matter: Adoption: Users: 46 Venues: 4 Revenue: $100Customer Feedback: Last 24 hrs: Users: 25 Survey: 82 Venues: 4 Total: 123Total: Users: 236 Survey: 121 Venues: 18 Total: 375

2. App Screenshots (Beta) 3. The Canvas - Start Key Partners Event Planners Club promoters Bars /Lounges Alcohol distributors Online distributors: Ebay.comKey Activities Help People Organize Parties & Events Connect Party Organizers with Venues & VendorsKey Resources Value PrepositionCustomer RelationshipsCustomer Segments Easy Party Organizer Complete integration (one stop shop) Social features Fast organization Discount on party supplies Individual Organizers Professional Organizers/Event PlanersChannels Android App Store Apple App StoreIndividual Users (low) Party/Event Planners (moderate) Bars / Lounges/ Venues (frequent)Event Planners Club promoters Bars/Lounges Referrals by Existing Users Social MediaCost StructureRevenue Streams Staff Costs Hosting Costs iPhone SDK Hardware, Software Legal, Accounting Marketing, Social media campaign% on online party sales through the App % of purchase from grocery coupon sales Upgrades to eliminate pop up ads & for larger groups Professional version $20 per month Banner Ads, Pop Up Adds Bar / lounge monthly fee ( e.g., $20), tab commission 4. The Canvas More Focused Key Partners Social Influencers Student Groups Student ClubsBars/Lounges/VenuesKey Activities * Develop Website/App * Build Relationships with Student Groups * Broker best value Deals Consumer Analytics * Develop Website/App * Build Relationships with Venues * Broker large volume dealsValue Preposition * Group Deals at Bars * Find Happy Hours* Bring more business Venues * Marketing/visibility of VenueCustomer Relationships Get: Referrals, Social Media, Google Keep: Desired deals Grow: Add user Groups Get: Add more Business Keep: Ongoing Volume Grow: Add venuesChannelsCustomer Segments * MBA/EMBA Student Groups (2,000+ ) * Student Groups* Venues near University that have excess Capacity* Guerilla Marketing * Social Media * Google Search * App StoresKey Resources * Website/App Stores * Technology * People/Team* Direct Sales * Guerilla Marketing * DistributersCost StructureRevenue Streams People/Team Hardware, Software, Hosting Costs, App Store Legal, Accounting Marketing, Social Media campaignCommission on Group Events for Bars/Lounges Commission on Auctions/Bids Featured Bar Revenue Priority Access Revenue 5. What We LearnedPeople want an Individual Party Organizer App1. Initial HypothesisAdd Value for Groups & VenuesNew MVPWill you pay for it? How often will you use it?2. Experiments No, will not pay! Only use 5x per year!Focus on Deals for Groups in public Venues!4. Iterations3. Results Big Idea?? 6. Next Steps Phase 1: Focus on initial Target Customer Segment Get traction with Columbia MBA/EMBAs & local Venues Learn & Adjust Phase 2: Expand in New York: Columbia Law School & Other Columbia School & Faculties NYU Other NYC Colleges Phase 3: Enter other big cities 7. Appendix 8. Competitive Analysis Individual Mobile AppsReview & Social NetworksSmart phones(133M)Yelp(100M) Foursquare (45M) Thrillist (2.5M)Foursquare (45M) Thrillist 889K Happy Hour Finder (119K)LETS PARTAY! Woodanddales (paid add) (#1 Search) Search) (#3 Search)Facebook (1B) Evite (22M) PaperlessPost (5M)Social Media & OnlineEventBase (5M) Grupio (5K)Professional Event PlannersWebsites Top NY Happy Hour Results 9. Competitive Analysis What it doesPrice & UsersDealsThrillistLists of recommended places to eat and drinkFree 889KYelpReview Reserve for Restaurants & BarsFour squareBar MapLink or export to other sourcesWebsiteSend invites & socialPreeditedFree 29MPreeditedSearchFree 33MPreeditedHour drinksSearch for happy hour deals in a given neighborhood and dayFree 5.4KWeek DaysHappy Hour FinderSearch for happy hours nearbyFree 191KWeek DaysLETS PARTAY1. Finds happy hours; 2. form groups and get lower pricesSite/ AppBid low priceForm new groups 10. Customer Profile Venues Bars around universities (e.g., Columbia, NYU) Size: 40+ Seats Times with free Capacity Parties that have Internet connection 11. Customer Profile Party Organizers Social Chairs of Student Groups University Event Organizers Alumni Groups EMBA Clusters (700+ people) 12. Observations: Happy HourNo Happy Hour Happy Hours Matter for Business!!

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