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Learn to Build Apps Webinar

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Force.com is the leading cloud platform that enables you to build applications with ease in record time with friendly point-and-click tools.The pace of business is moving fast and work is challenging you in new ways. Your job requires that you customize & fine-tune your applications to meet the needs of your business. Applications such as Excel and Access just don't cut it anymore. Complex spreadsheets and unwieldy databases can slow you down, but there is a better way that is simple and powerful. With Force.com you can be productive immediately.Be part of the movement and point-and-click your way to effective business solutions.In this webinar, we'll show you::: How easy it is to build a cloud app to solve business problems:: What steps to take to quickly translate your business expertise into new automated processes:: Why Force.com's point-and-click tools will pave the way to greater efficiency in your business

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Learn to Build Apps

Shannon Hale

Product Manager, Declarative Apps


Samantha Ready

Developer Evangelist


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Hello World!

Samantha Ready,

Developer Evangelist


Shannon Hale,

Sr. Product Manager,

Declarative Apps



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You Can Be an App Builder

Page 5: Learn to Build Apps Webinar

Benefits of Building Force.com Cloud Apps

Business automation tools

Standard UI


No servers

Grows with your business

Page 6: Learn to Build Apps Webinar

Did You Know?

Add social collaboration to your apps

Enable your app for mobile access

App Marketplace

Extensible with programmatic tools

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Corey Wilson, IT Manager

• Strategic development

• Project management

• Operations management

• Asset management

Introducing Corey

Page 8: Learn to Build Apps Webinar

Hey Corey,

I have three new salespeople

starting Monday – can I get a

Blackberry and a Windows laptop

for each?

The employees are Jeanine Cho,

Walter Few and Candice Mueller.

Also Jeanine is in field sales

so she’s going to need an iPad

too – preferably one of those

Retina Display models.



Corey Dislikes…

Page 9: Learn to Build Apps Webinar

Corey’s Current Process

Submit device request

Enter request details in


Enter request details in

paper form

Approve request

Provision devices

Page 10: Learn to Build Apps Webinar

The Dreaded Spreadsheet

Page 11: Learn to Build Apps Webinar

Corey’s Dream

I wish I could spend less

time on tedious activities…

…and get better insight

on how effectively we’re

managing hardware!

Page 12: Learn to Build Apps Webinar


Employee Managers

• View device requests

• Create/edit device requests

IT Technician

• View device requests

• Edit device request status

• View employee details

Page 13: Learn to Build Apps Webinar

Approval Process

Submit request

Set Status: Pending


Set Status: Approved

Create Task: Provision

Set Status: Rejected



Page 14: Learn to Build Apps Webinar

What Corey Did…

Got ~5 hours back in her week!

Now she can report on the


Automated the approval flow

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Page 16: Learn to Build Apps Webinar

Next Steps to Get Started

Page 17: Learn to Build Apps Webinar

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Developer Force – Force.com Community


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