Lean User Research: Why and How

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Why should you conduct lean user research? What are it's benefits? And how do you go about it?


  • 1. Dont listen to users The first rule of research

2. Problem Market Product 3. Questions App Developers Ask Users Who are my customers Do people need my product Is the product better than the competition Is the product getting better Do people want the product 4. Lean User Research 5. Its a discipline, providing insights into product users, their perspectives, and abilities to the right people at the right time 6. Fast ImpactfulHigh Quality 7. 1.Experience Sampling 2.Observation 3.Fake Doors 8. 1.Users are interrupted several times a day to to note their experience in real time. 2.Ask them a question several times a day 3.The key in experience sampling is asking the same question over and over again Experience Sampling 9. FRAMING THE RIGHT AND PERFECT QUESTION Most important thing in Experience sampling 10. 1. NEEDS FEATURES PAINS DELIGHTS Experience sampling helps you identify: 11. OBSERVATION Gathering data at the users environment 12. 1. OBSERVING LISTEN NOTICING GATHERING 4 pillars of Observation 13. Behaviors to look out for 1. Routines 2. Interruptions 3. Annoyances 4. Delight 5. Transitions 14. FAKE DOORS Pretend that you have something that does not exist 15. THANK YOU @parulsoi 16