Lean Analytic Workshop with Alistair Croll

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Join us in a 2- day Conference Workshop on Lean Analytic with Alistair Croll, Andy Lark and many others. http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/disruptive-or-disconnected-registration-10494548477


  • 1. Disruptive or Disconnected? Why Organizations Struggle with the Role of Analytics Intelligent Headhunting SolutionsA Two-day Conference of Global Perspectives Join us for a two-day seminal exploration into the rapidly evolving world of data analytics. Participate in an open exchange of ideas as leading minds from across the global stage gather in Toronto to present their latest thinking. Everything is open to question as we analyze how organizations are faring in the push to create greater acceptance for the role of analytics across key industrwies. Our goal is to identify the patterns of resistance, to get people talking about data, and how to remove the obstacles to its successful implementation. In what promises to be a pivotal event for our industry, join with your peers to preview the next wave in the world of analytics and create the network to make it so.March 27th 2014 5:30pm at The Sony Centre 5:30pm Welcome drinks and Registrationfor greater acceptance in the role of analytics across various industries.6:30pm The Data Dichotomy: Pain vs. Gain Join us as our panel discusses how to manage the conflicts that inevitably occur as organizations pushPanel Andy Lark, Alistair Croll, Kerem Tomak, Praveen Rao, Lynn Fletcher, Colin Tenner, Rick Makos, Evan Stubbs (Moderator)March 28th 2014 8:00am at The Ritz Carlton 7:30am Complimentary breakfast8:30am 12:00pm Workshops with Alistair Croll Lean Analytics Whether youre a startup founder seeking to disrupt an industry, or an intrapreneur trying to provoke change from within, your biggest risk is building something nobody wants. This workshop will show you how to fix that.Alistair will explore the following set of topics: An introduction to Lean startup models The fundamentals of data and metrics The five stages of a startup Combining business stage and model to identify the One Metric That Matters and draw a line in the sand Mining and experimenting: The Lean Analytics cycle How innovation works for intrapreneurs and large organizations Creating a balanced innovation portfolio Implementing Lean Analytics: Three-threes and the problem-solution canvasIn this three-hour session, Alistair will take you deep within the Lean Analytics model, with a particular focus on intrapreneurship and business.THURSDAY, MARCH 27TH & FRIDAY, MARCH 28TH in Toronto at The Ritz Carlton & The Sony Centre

2. Disruptive or Disconnected? Why Organizations Struggle with the Role of Analytics Intelligent Headhunting Solutions12:30pm 1:15pm Lunch Break Buffet lunch provided1:15pm 1:45pm Kerem Tomak Building a World Class Analytics Team Omnichannel is the best current retail strategy. Challenges abound when the strategy needs to be supported by systems and analytics to make the operation scalable, intelligent and responsive. Digital and traditional marketing converge to have a coordinated execution and attribution. Merchandising needs to align with the way marketing will drive traffic, online visits and foot traffic to the stores. Connecting digital to offline commerce and driving innovative use of supply and demand side analytics will be the focus of the talk.We will outline how a successful analytics organization can support such an omnichannel strategy with the right tools, processes and people skills.2:15pm 3:15pm Andy Lark Connected Customer A 60-minute mash-up on how enterprises and institutions can use the five Ps of Marketing to achieve greatness. Purpose: Understand the vital connection between marketing and the experience of the customer. How does your brand make a customer feel? Play: Gamification encouraging customers to market on your behalf through social fun design. Proximity: Every brand is defined by its content. If content is the new wrapper, draw customers in by creating context around the brand. Meet the customer wherever they are. Predict: Creating brands that are hyperpersonalized and hyper-relevant to the customer. Mining big data to detect relevance and tuning content to make effective personal connections. Participate: Brands that drive engagement win. How to focus your brand beyond purchasing and towards customer participation for greater brand strength.1:45pm 2:15pm Evan Stubbs and Chami Akmeemana Genius wanted: Hiring Data Scientists & Value Architects and the creation of a Chief Analytics Officer role Any organization seeking to realize value through business analytics will need to first attract, hire, and retain two types of ultra-specialized new professionals: Data scientists experts in insight generation Value architects experts in change managementJoin Evan Stubbs and Chami Akmeemana from Huntel Global as they walk you through how to source this elusive new professional and leverage their skills in your company. In a time of exponential data growth, the organizations that best understand how to put business analytics to work will effectively differentiate themselves from their peers.2THURSDAY, MARCH 27TH & FRIDAY, MARCH 28TH in Toronto at The Ritz Carlton & The Sony Centre 3. Disruptive or Disconnected? Why Organizations Struggle with the Role of Analytics Intelligent Headhunting SolutionsKeynote SpeakersAlistair Croll Alistair Croll has been an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker for nearly 20 years, involved in web performance, big data, and cloud computing. In 2001, he co-founded web performance startup, Coradiant (acquired by BMC in 2011), and since that time has also launched Rednod, CloudOps, Bitcurrent, Year One Labs, the Bitnorth conference, the International Startup Festival and several other early-stage companies.apps. For Commonwealth Bank, he recently launched the worlds most successful eWallet for smartphones and Facebook. He also masterminded the successful brand launch for Can in Australia.A prolific writer and sought-after speaker, Alistair is the chair of OReillys Strata conference and Techwebs Cloud Connect. Lean Analytics is his fourth book on data, networking, technology, and entrepreneurship. Alistair lives in Montreal, Canada and tries to mitigate chronic ADD by writing about far too many things at Solve For Interesting.A native of Auckland, New Zealand, Andrew holds a bachelors degree from Auckland University. He is a passionate supporter of Australian and NZ entrepreneurs where his work was recognized with the prestigious World class New Zealander Award, Most recently, he also received the Flying Kiwi Award on behalf of the NZ hi-tech sector.http://leananalyticsbook.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z3FP4tLxdkHe has won over 100 awards for work in building brands and creating online capabilities. In the past year, he was recognised as one of the most influential online marketers and most powerful influencers on Twitter and Linked In. When he is not immersed in work, he is a competitive sailor, a very non-competitive cyclist, and writer. His blog, thedailylark, is in the Top 100-ranked marketing blogs globally and his book, The Connected Customer will be published shortly worldwide. He is a frequent keynote speaker at events and regular columnist for AdNews.Andy Lark Andy is the CEO of Group Lark and most recently Chief Marketing and Online Officer for Australias leading financial institution, the Commonwealth Bank. He is also a director of Number 8 Ventures New Zealands leading technology venture capital firm as well as serving as global ecommerce search specialist at SLI Systems. He also invests in and advises numerous startups.Today he leads Group Lark a global consultancy driving brand and digital transformations for leading enterprises around the world. Group Lark helps great brands to design their future in a digital world.http://thedailylark.com/ https://twitter.com/kiwilarkFor the past two decades, Andy Lark has worked alongside CEOs and their leadership teams to shape and define the digital and brand identities for a variety of blue-chip companies. These include Air New Zealand, Brocade, Commonwealth Bank, Coles, Dell, Emirates Team New Zealand, IBM, Myer, Simplot, Southwest Airlines, Sun, The New Zealand Government, and Visa. He has built some of the worlds most successful ecommerce sites, online communities, and smartphone3THURSDAY, MARCH 27TH & FRIDAY, MARCH 28TH in Toronto at The Ritz Carlton & The Sony Centre 4. Disruptive or Disconnected? Why Organizations Struggle with the Role of Analytics Intelligent Headhunting SolutionsSpeakers OverviewChami Akmeemana Chami is the Managing Director and driving force of Huntel Global, a recruitment firm specializing in Business Analytics and Executive Search across nine different countries. Previously, Chami owned and managed multiple successful business ventures in Australia in a diversity of sectors including hospitality, healthcare and fashion. Chami was educated in the UK, graduating from Staffordshire University and read his Ph.D. in Bioceramic Engineering at Londons Queen Mary University. During this time, Chami also served for several years with Londons Metropolitan Police Service.Lynn Fletcher Lynn is SVP, Integrated Client Strategy for MacLaren McCann, a Toronto-based agency that is reconfiguring its business using a distributed marketing performance analytics platform. With a strong international background in planning and insight, Lynn has spent her career driving communications innovation and effectiveness at a range of Tier one agencies. Now she faces the challenge of operationalizing marketing sciences in a creatively driven business.Rick Makos Rick Makos is the President of Teradata Canada, a global leader in analytic data platforms, marketing and analytic applications, and consulting services. With over 25-years of hi-tech industry experience in sales, marketing and consulting, Rick has worked across North America and Asia, leading divisions within large multi-national corporations as well as managing pre-IPO organizations. As consultant, Rick has worked with major companies on Business Focus implementations of Data Warehousing and Customer Management Solutions. His client list includes major governmental agencies, global banks, telecommunications, and biopharmaceuticals. Ricks most recent positions include Statutory President of NCR Canada, President & CEO of Infrastructures for Information (I4I), and Chief Operating Officer of OnX Incorporated. Prior to these assignments, he was Vice-President of NCR Canadas Financial Solutions Division.Praveen Rao Praveen joined Western Union Digital in 2012 with over 15 years of experience in generating insights to help optimize business decisions. As a Director, Praveen is responsible for the overall Customer Strategy, CRM and Insights at the firm. He is also responsible for delivery of experience initiatives targeted at enhancing customer online experience with the Western Union brand. Prior to joining Western Union Digital, Praveen worked for leading global brands such as Visa, Chase, and MasterCard. At Visa, he was responsible for, among other things, developing and rolling out measurement framework for all of their digital marketing efforts. At Chase, he led customer strategy and analytics for all their interactive marketing channels (web, stores, Call Center/IVR, ATMs).He worked an Advisor consultant at MasterCard where he helped some of the leading global financial institutions such as CapitalOne, HSBC, and RBS to leverage data, analytics and insights for transformational business results. Praveen has a Masters in Statistics from Columbia University and a Masters in Applied Economics from The American University.4THURSDAY, MARCH 27TH & FRIDAY, MARCH 28TH in Toronto at The Ritz Carlton & The Sony Centre 5. Disruptive or Disconnected? Why Organizations Struggle with the Role of Analytics Intelligent Headhunting SolutionsEvan Stubbs Evan Stubbs is the Chief Analytics Officer for SAS Australia, a Board Member for the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia, an Adjunct Research Associate at the University of South Australia, an editor of the International Journal of Data Science, and a guest lecturer at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management. He is a globally recognised expert in the application of Business Analytics. Evan is also the author of The Value of Business Analytics and Delivering Business Analytics: Practical Best Practice Guidelines, both published by Wiley Press. His third book is tentatively titled, Big Data, Big Innovation targeted for release in August 2014. Evan leads the Advisory business within SAS Australia, a group focused on coaching organisations into becoming analytical competitors. In the time Stubbs has been with SAS, he has helped organisations achieve best practice in business analytics, establish Centres of Excellence, and drive economic returns from the application of business analytics. His practical and experience-based talks on creating value through the use of business analytics are in high demand. He has spoken at the CFO Summit on how organisations can create competitive differentiation through the use of Business Analytics. He has also been published in various magazines including Analytics Magazine and sascom.ability to explain complex analytical results in business terms, the so-whats, has helped clients cut through the data clutter and design effective, efficient and profitable marketing programs. Colins clients are drawn from a diverse range of traditional and non-traditional database marketing industries across North America, including banking, telecommunications, retail, pharmaceutical, fundraising, and packaged goods amongst others. He is a regular speaker at North American conferences where he seeks to demystify database analytics and demonstrate the power of data-based marketing.Kerem Tomak Kerem brings more than 15 years of experience as a marketing scientist and executive. He has expertise in the areas of price and revenue optimization, assessing promotion effectiveness, yield optimization in digital marketing, and real time analytics. He has managed mid and large-size analytics teams in Fortune 500 companies and delivered large-scale analytics solutions for marketing and merchandising units. His out-of-the box thinking and problem solving skills led to four patent awards and numerous academic publications. He is also a sought after speaker in Big Data and BI Platforms for Marketing Analytics.Colin Tener Colin is Co-Founder and Partner to CVM Marketing Inc. His focus is to leverage customer and prospect data to help manage the customer life-cycle, meeting client objectives in acquisition, cross-sell, up-sell, retention and win-back. With a Ph.D. in Economics, Colin brings a combination of analytical expertise, industry experience and a practical implementation approach to solve key marketing issues. Leveraging a broad range of analytical tools including predictive modeling and segmentation, he helps clarify objectives and glean insights about likely customer behaviour. His5THURSDAY, MARCH 27TH & FRIDAY, MARCH 28TH in Toronto at...