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The paper presented at Connected Kenya outlining private sectors proposals


  • 1. ICT IN KENYA #140Friday Sector Policy Paper ICT INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT & GOVERNMENT INCLUSION Nairobi 3rd April 2012
  • 2. ICT INKENYA 2
  • 3. CONTEXT ICT IN KENYACREATING A SUSTAINABLE ICT INDUSTRY WITHIN KENYA q The Kenyan ICT industry is immature and suers from signicant internaSonal compeKKon q Vision 2030 for Kenya provides a high-level vision for economic development SITUATION q The Kenyan governmental legislaSon lacks a clear ICT vision to support development q Planned ICT developments within the Kenyan government oers a large internal market q The scaDered ICT landscape lacks sucient structure and organizaKon to aDend the market q Kenyan ICT educaKon lacks focus to aDend to specic needs for all types of industry players COMPLICATION q ICT development lacks vision and support to aDract investors q InternaKonal players see ample opportunity, endangering the local compeKKve posiKon How do we develop a strong ICT industry in Kenya making opSmal re-use of exisSng means? CHALLENGE How do we ensure sustainable development Yng within Vision 2030 for Kenya How can we align all local/internaSonal stakeholders creaSng a win-win situaSon for all INTENTION WE PROPOSE THE FOLLOWING PLAN FOR SYNERGY WITH GOVERNMENT 4
  • 4. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS ICT IN KENYATHE KENYAN INDUSTRY ASSESSMENT SHOWS CLEAR AREAS FOR ATTENTION Strengths Weaknesses S W Private sector recognises need for beDer Sub-opSmal procurement process for local players engagement with Government Lack of tailored (tax) legislaSon Large internal Kenyan market Technical educaSon and industry needs misaligned ICT inclusion in Vision 2030 Limited availability of investments Recent technological advancement (Fiber) Lack of governmental ICT representaSon AmbiSous Workforce Lack of Public Private Partnerships in ICT (PPPs) Acknowledged innovaSons/technologies (MPESA) DiplomaSc services lack focus on ICT opportuniSes OpportuniKes Threats O T Signicant government Investment in ICT Growing Kenyan market aDracts internaSonal ICT Labor costs provides labor arbitrage potenSal players threatening local ICT companies Growth of average size of Kenyan companies GlobalizaSon of the ICT industry simplies internaSonal service delivery to Kenyan Recognized ICT hub developments (incubators) companies Intended creaSon of Konza as ICT ecosystem African economic development creates signicant Entry of internaSonal ICT players (Nokia, IBM) near-shore compeSSon CreaSon of EAC provides larger market Established human capital ows to MNCs 5
  • 6. INDUSTRY COOPERATION ICT IN KENYAINDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT MUST BRING TOGETHER ALL INDUSTRY STAKEHOLDERS PRIVATE MARKETPLACE End Users Companies - Projects - Exper?se Incubators - Marketplace Banks Producers Insurance - Products & Services - Skilled workforce - Funding ICT INDUSTRY - Experience - Exper?se FINANCIAL - Infrastructure PLAYERS - Industry standards - Representa?on - Condence MARKETS Investment Industry - Projects funds representa3ves - Legisla?on - Educa?on VCs - Tax regula?on Universi3es Unions KICTB E-G-ovt GOVERNMENT 7
  • 7. KEY SUCCESS FACTORS ICT IN KENYAENSURING COOPERATION FROM ALL STAKEHOLDERS REQUIRES BENEFITS FOR ALL RESPONSIBILITY KEY SUCCESS FACTORS Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Governmental incenSve structure PRIVATE CREATE A SOLID STREAM Stable entrepreneurial environment MARKETPLACE OF ICT WORK Virtual marketplace environment ProtecSon of IP Rights Predictable quality Solid service delivery methodology THROUGHOUT THE ICT INDUSTRY DELIVER HIGH QUALITY Focused educaSonal curriculum ENTIRE LIFE CYCLE PLAYERS PRODUCTS AND SERVICE Strong coach/mentor network Strong business services support SUPPORT FROM INFANCY TO MATURITY Shared nancial risk prole PROVIDE SUSTAINABLE Aligned exit strategies FINANCIAL AND PREDICTABLE Strong partnerships MARKETS FUNDING Public/private investment funding Governmental taxaSon sSmulus Long term sustainable vision GOVERNMENT SUPPORT AND FACILITATE Sucient budget and focus 8
  • 8. KENYA ICT DEVELOPMENT ICT IN KENYAFRAMEWORK TO SUPPORT THE KENYAN ICT INDUSTRY PLAYERS ACROsS THE LIFECYCLE MATURITY LIFE ENTREPRENEURS SME MNC CYCLE Kenyan Marketplace Virtual Marketplace Africa Global Marketplace Nairobi.. PRIVATE - SME - MNC - Kenya - Rest of Africa - - Konza City Kenya MARKETPLACE - Govt - Incidental oshore - Con3nent + rest of Kenya - Global IncubaKon Business Support ConKnuous improvement Support on product, skill and Support on business advisory and Support by providing a (virtual) ICT INDUSTRY business development development networking environment, an ICT Facili?es providing workplace, Cer?ca?on of technical skills and market place, and PLAYERS internet and meeSng place delivery maturity (Prince II) Diploma?c support to create Educa?on on business processes, Educa?on on industry standards & internaSonal demand for Kenyan -methodologies and -behavior methodologies (Lean/SixSigma) ICT products, services and skills - Banks - Na3onal FINANCIAL - - Seed Capital Private Companies - - Interna3onal Private MARKETS...