Kentico Intranet Solution - Building the Agile Intranet

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Usability and productivity is the cornerstone of any successful Intranet. The Kentico CMS Intranet Solution is a ready to use intranet site you can easily install configure and start using today. It's a perfect solution for those who need an out of the box intranet or who want to have a starting point where they can build on. Let's look at many of the features of the Kentico Intranet Solution including: Content Management-Document LibrariesProject ManagementWorkgroupsSocial Networking Features


<ul><li>1.<br />Kentico Intranet Solution<br />Building the Agile Intranet<br /></li></ul> <p>2. Agenda<br />Intranet Solution Overview<br />My Dashboard<br />Departments<br />Workgroups<br />Document Management<br />Project Management<br />Social Networking<br />MOSS Integration<br />Q/A <br />Questions/Comments<br />Thom Robbins<br /><br />@trobbins<br />2<br />3. Intranet Overview<br />3<br />4. Kentico Intranet Solution<br />Out-of-the-box solution for your Enterprise 2.0 Intranet that boost your team collaboration and co-operation <br />Built on Intranet best practices<br />Fully customize any part of the Intranet website<br />Functionality includes <br />Corporate identity, policy documents, canteen menu, employees directory, <br />Blogs, Forums, Wikis, News, Corporate events<br />Document libraries, Media libraries<br />Project management<br />Team workgroups<br />Company Departments<br />and many others .. <br />4<br />5. Kentico Modules<br /></p> <ul><li>BizForms (on-line forms) </li></ul> <p>6. Newsletters 7. Image gallery 8. E-commerce (on-line store) 9. Forums 10. Blogs 11. Polls 12. Event Calendar 13. Booking system 14. Private Messaging 15. Geo Mapping (Google, Bing, Yahoo maps integration) 16. Web Analytics 17. User Contributions (Wiki) 18. ReportingContent and Object Staging<br />Web Farm Support<br />Message Boards<br />Groups<br />Friends<br />Message Boards<br />Content Rating<br />Taxonomy (Tags and Categories)<br />Media Library<br />Document Library<br />Project and Task management<br />Workgroups<br />5<br />19. The most important features<br /></p> <ul><li>On-line users </li></ul> <p>20. PayPal support 21. Personalized content 22. Personalized editor 23. Polls 24. Portal engine 25. Preview before publish 26. Projectand Task management 27. Recycle Bin 28. Report Abuse 29. Reporting 30. Re-use content on several pages 31. Roles and Users 32. RSS feeds 33. SEO 34. Scheduled Tasks 35. Spell-checker 36. Starter Sites 37. Taxonomy - Categories, Tagging 38. Time-zones support 39. URL aliases 40. User contributions 41. User management 42. User registration and secured pages 43. Web analytics 44. Web farm support 45. WebDAV 46. Widgets 47. Windows authentication 48. Windows Live ID authentication 49. Workgroups 50. Workflow 51. WYSIWYG, browser-basedediting 52. XHTML, CSS layouts, W3C WAI 53. Youtube integration 54. 200built-in web parts 55. Active Directory integration 56. AJAX support 57. Approving documents 58. Authorize.NET 59. Avatars 60. Bad words 61. Badges 62. Banned IP addresses 63. Blogs 64. Booking System 65. Branding 66. Complete documentation of the CMS 67. Content and object staging 68. Content locking (check-in/check-out) 69. Content Rating 70. Content/design separation 71. Controls caching 72. Custom document types 73. Custom document types with 74. Custom event handlers 75. Custom fields 76. Custom tables 77. Custom web parts in C# and VB.NET 78. Customizable Menu 79. Customizable page templates 80. Customizable permissions 81. Customizable settings 82. Deployment on shared hosting 83. Document-level permissions 84. Document management 85. Drag-drop development 86. Dynamic site map 87. Easy deployment 88. E-commerce (on-line store) 89. E-mail queue 90. Event Calendar 91. Event Log 92. Export/import web sites or selected 93. Flexible content hierarchy 94. Flexible navigation 95. Forms authentication 96. Forums 97. Friendly (smart) URLs 98. Friends 99. Full source code 100. Full-text search 101. Fully customizable 102. Geo mapping (Google Maps) 103. Google sitemap 104. Groups 105. IE 6.0, IE 7.0FireFox 1.0.5+, Mozilla 7.1+, Netscape 7.1+, Opera 7.52+ support 106. Image gallery 107. Incremental deployment of site changes 108. installation and database 109. Integration with custom user and role database, external authentication 110. Linked documents 111. Management and publishing of 112. Media library 113. Memory management 114. Message boards 115. Messaging 116. Multiple languages 117. Multiple sites usingsingle code 118. Newsletters 119. Notifications 120. On-line forms (BizForms)6<br />121. Intranet Solution - Main portal<br />7<br />122. Departments<br />Define the organizational structure of your company<br />Enables the creation of separate website sections for each company area <br />Flexible design of the Intranet Portal provides a set of collaboration, communication and project management tools<br />Departments created in CMS Desk<br />8<br />123. Intranet Solution - Departments<br />9<br />124. My Dashboard<br />Special page available for personalization by registered users<br />10<br />125. Workgroups<br />Powerful way for teams to collaborate!<br />Enables groups of users to complete a task or oversee an activity<br />Flexible set of tools that allow members to communicate, share data and keep track of work<br />Flexible design allows public and private groups<br />Workgroup admin can modify homepage of workgroup home page<br />Managed from Live Site<br />11<br />126. Intranet Solution - Workgroup<br />12<br />127. Document Management<br />Flexible storage system for business documents<br />In addition to global document libraries, each department and workgroup has its own dedicated library<br />Available to all portal users based on security <br />Based on the Document library webpart<br />Directly edit/save document with WebDAV<br />13<br />128. Document Management<br />14<br />129. WebDAV support<br />Enables direct edit of files from the site<br />WebDAV Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning<br />Enables direct browse, view and edit access of files with IE, Windows Explorer and IIS<br />Fully supported by MS office<br />For .NET applications support extensions enabled in web.config<br />Enabling with Kentico CMS development environment<br />Assign Domain Account<br />Modify web.config<br /><br />15<br />130. Project Management<br />Used to organize work and track status<br />All projects are associated with either a Department or Workgroup<br />Composed of Tasks that are assigned to individual users<br />Projects utilizes automatically sent email notifications<br />Fully customizable statuses and priorities<br />16<br />131. Project info<br />17<br />132. Social Networking<br />Kentico CMS provides a complete and flexible framework for social networks and on-line communities<br />Available features<br />User registration and management<br />Forums<br />Blogs<br />Message Boards<br />Groups<br />Friends<br />Polls<br />Private messaging<br />Media Libraries<br />Ready-to-use Community Starter Site<br />Community points and user badges<br />18<br />133. Groups<br />Create groups of members who share similar interests such as users of some product or fans of some music band<br />Groups can share ideas and create content:<br />Message boards <br />Forums <br />Pages (Wiki) <br />Polls <br />Media libraries for sharing pictures and videos <br />19<br />134. Friends<br />Build personal or professional social networks<br />20<br />135. Polls<br />Quickly collect feedback from users<br />Any number of answers<br />Single-choice or multiple-choice voting<br />Choose who can vote (anonymous/registered/chosen roles)<br />21<br />136. Polls<br />22<br />137. SharePoint<br />Kentico CMS Connector for the WSS/MOSS 2007/2010 shows on public web from the SharePoint<br />Lists<br />Files<br />Document libraries<br />Picture libraries<br />23<br />138. Q/A<br />Download Your Kentico Evaluation Today<br /><br />Dont forget to register for<br />Kentico Technical Learning: Top 5 things you need to know about Windows Azure<br /><br />24<br />139. Additional Resources<br />Kentico Intranet Videos available at <br /><br />25<br />140. Kentico CMS Major Clients<br />26<br />141. How to reach us?<br /><br /><br /><br />Suggest new Kentico CMS features<br />27<br />142.<br /><br />28<br /></p>