【Ken yamada fall 2011】social media marketing final presentation

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  • 1. Social Media Marketing Final Project

2. How many times did I post? 12 posts How many total comments?I got 20 comments, but I posted more than 20!! I got many comments because I posted those on earlydays. Thanks, my classmates!! 3. Mission statement This is my VLOG was the most views: 30 timesbecause it was the hardest assignment..or the most interesting..!? 4. What I learned from Blog more official, simple but easy to read,words have stronger power rather than pictures,one picture & not long article are the best!! 5. How easy was it to do? No, it was tough!! It took more than 3 hours included a whole process. I have 30 views. Next time, I would mention more detail ofwhat I want to do in a company 6. I will keep this blog because I want toinvestigate if it is useful and valuable for me 7. Getting more global standard The most effective tool in social network tools 8. 41 friends & follow 5 groups I might use FB as a HP in the future 9. I follow 27 individuals & I have 20 followers Advantage : response is quick Disadvantage : get too many tweets (advertisements) 10. Convenient to deliver a message Follow new products & new incidents in order tocapture trends (NIKE, UNIQLO, etc.) Continue to use Twitter everyday 11. Before the class, did not even know the name.. Belong to those noted abovebecause my job might be an outdoor fashion field 12. Utilize to try to find out & capture organizations connection Attempt to post my opinion on each discussion at least once Continue to follow those 13. Useful to get various details of knowledge& have social connection 14. Thank Youfor Your Attention!!