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Keeping UCD alive in an Agile world. . . Vanessa Kirby, Head of UX, SEEK

Keeping UCD in an agile world

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Presentation given initially at Agile UX 2012 then modified in November for SIGCHI. Unfortunately you need the notes for it to really make sense....but hopefully you get the gist of it.

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  • 1. Keeping UCD alive in an Agile world. . . Vanessa Kirby, Head of UX, SEEK

2. agenda A little background/rambling. Why are we here today Stuff Id want to tell someone -Culture & lingo Lining your ducks up Enabling the inhibited Circling back Nurturing Sprinting 3. 3Who ? 4. Effective user experience is a balance. . .USER needsBUSINESS needs--------------------------------------------------------------------------------TECHNOLOGY & interactionBRAND & marketing 5. affled . . .? 6. WHAT WERE TRYING TO DO where the imaginative & the functional fuse & become indistinguishable Milton Glaser 7. Is it any wonder Left brain vs right brain Qwerty keyboard.8 8. Can good enough really live alongside this fast pace, advancing technology world? 9. 12With permission, Dave Gray January 29, 2010. 10. 13Make the rules work 11. Culture & lingo Same culture. Same values. Talking the same language. To try and unite different parties make sure that there are mediators and supporters. 12. Speak the users language (ahem)..Site map [sahyt map]Epic [ep-ik] User JourneynounArchitecture diagadjective[yoo-zerERD jur-nee]adjectiveLofi proto, Hifi proto [lo fi-del-i-tee, fahy proh-tuh-tahyp]Information Architect [in-fer-mey-shuhn ahr-ki-tek-cher ]15Fancy flow chart Um. Prototype.nounChap who wireframes noun(NOT who builds the database schema) 13. 16You get what you ask for Draw a vase. 14. Line up your ducks Have the fundamentals in place: - Know WHY! - Personas - Style guides - Templates/patterns Use the tools to help: - Baseball cap & headphones - Axure/Techsmith/Silverback - Guerilla vs Ethno - Bullshit card Show dont tell (so get your lingo right) Make a geek your best friend 17 15. Personas are a practical design tool Agree, document and communicate who your target users are. Merge many sources of data and opinion into format that suits the task of design. Use personas to Write specific stories Build consensus Set targets Formulate and validate new ideas Control feature lists Solve political wrangling. 16. 20Story telling. This As a user I want to display my work experience so that advertisers will contact meBecomes.As Lenny I want to display my work experience so that advertisers will contact meAs Penny I want a quick CV so that I stand out from the crowdAs Goldie I want to show my transferable skills so that advertisers wont dismiss me 17. Enable foolishness Were all creative. Some access it better. The blocker is inhibition ( I dont want to look a fool) Adulthood confines us (draw a picture of your neighbour.) Trust plays a huge part in this. 18. No such thing as a bad idea 19. Divergent (solution) thinkingvs Convergent (diagnose potential probs) thinkingKnow when to stop(!) 20. Youre not alone You dont have to be good at everything 21. A photographer went to a socialite party in New York. As he entered the front door, the host said I love your pictures theyre wonderful; you must have a fantastic camera. He said nothing until dinner was finished, then: That was a wonderful dinner; you must have a terrific stove. Sam Haskins26 22. 27Nurture Use the right resource at the right time Come back together regularly (& frequently) Show & Tell Use them for reviews Like minds different perspective Feel empowered/inspired Look for support outside your sprint 23. Sprint ahead Have a Phase 0 .. Do the hardest things first 2 to 4 iterations ahead Claw in time when others are focused elsewhere Different stream for testing Get over face to face Be driven by insights (not research) Get the UX points on the stories28 24. Pick your battles 25. Wrapping up 26. Thank you