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LA-CONF 2013 talk Developers always focus on their code, and almost never on the eco-system around their app. Dependencies can quickly make an app vulnerable, because new security holes are discovered every day. As we can't read all libraries code we're using in our project, it's kind of hard to determine what side effects could be introduced by using this or this package. Last but not least, APIs evolve, and so are packages. Sometimes APIs versions are deprecated, and if you don't pay attention to that, your app could stop working one day without notice. Ever worse, some packages can simply stop being maintained, leaving no choice then implementing a new one. That's why it's important to keep your projects in shape, the longer you wait to make it up-to-date, the harder it will be. There are some tools out there to achieve this, that every developer should know about: gemnasium (dependencies monitoring, and security alerts on them) rubytoolbox (alternatives) brakeman (security scanner)

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  • 1. Keep your project in shapeLA-CONF 2013Philippe Lafoucrire@plafoucriere

2. I KNOW YOUR PROJECT 3. Project cycle of lifeFunExcitingFreshBORN OutdatedMissingfeaturesInsecureLIVEKill it!Start overDIEPictures stollen from: 4. Software Maintenance CostTime$ 5. KEEP IT IN SHAPE! 6. Your Daily Training: Reading Newsletters Commits News site Changelogs Twitter (?) 7. Tools 8. Gemnasium Monitors your projects dependencies Warns you about outdated gems Sends security alerts on your projects Changelog viewer Decision helper about upgrading (coming soon) Free for public projects 9. The Ruby Toolbox Find alternatives for your deprecated gems The right gem for the job Lots of data Free! 10. BrakemanScanner gem 11. Brakeman scanner Scans your [rails app] code and reports security issues Run it every week/month! Lots of known vulnerabilities Your code is secure until its not anymore Free and open-source 12. THANK YOU! 13. TOP 100 most downloaded gems65%19%13%2%ChangelogValidOutdatedNo ChangelogInvalidNo sourceSource: (shared gdocs) 14. Links Tools presented Other useful tools About me