K2 for beginners - Joomla!Days NL 2010 #jd10nl

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  • 1.introduction to flexible & feature-rich contentfor Joomla! websites by Fotis Evangelou (JoomlaWorks) www.joomlaworks.gr Joomla!Days Netherlands 2010

2. Introduction General facts for content in Joomla!Joomla! content is spartan by default To simulate today's must-have functionality like blogging and rich media, we need to install a dozen extensions The resulting package is limited andtroublesome to maintainwww.joomlaworks.gr 3. Enter K2!the popular powerful content component forJoomla! with CCK-like featuresthink of Joomla! articles thrown into the mixerwith Drupal's CCK, Wordpress blogging features and Joomla!'s templating on steroids www.joomlaworks.gr 4. What can I do with K2? Using Joomla! & K2 it's easy to build: portal/magazine with author blogs catalog (products, work portfolio etc.) blog knowledge base download/document manager directory listing event listingall bundled under one extension package!www.joomlaworks.gr 5. Basic K2 features (1/2) nested-level categories comments system tags "extra fields" system to extend item elements (a la CCK) item image (useful for articles/catalogs) image galleries videos attachmentswww.joomlaworks.gr 6. Basic K2 features (2/2) user profiles/blogs versatile ACL system ajax-based front-end editing powerful plugin system to extend item, category and user forms ajax-based comments moderation Google AJAX Search integration...and a lot more!www.joomlaworks.gr 7. Why K2?1. Joomla! has been far behind other competing CMSs like Drupal and WordPress in terms of social features and f exibility (categorization, l ACL, expansion etc.)2. Joomla! 1.0 and 1.5 are practically the same in features for the end-user3. Slow development cycle for Joomla! - which further strengthens point 1. www.joomlaworks.gr 8. Did you know? K2 has been downloaded more than 200.000 times in less than a year and it has been translated into several languages already.K2 is the de facto content component supported by almost all major Joomla! template providers including: JoomlaPraise JoomlaBamboo RocketTheme JoomlArt GavickPro JoomlaShack www.joomlaworks.gr 9. K2 powered websites two of the world's highest traffic Joomla! Websites: Gazzetta.gr & TNAWrestling.compopular websites like: Gorillaz.com & The Arts Desk (recently awarded in the UK)websites of prominent Joomla! template developers: JoomlaPraise & JoomlaBamboo...and thousands of personal or business websites around the world.www.joomlaworks.gr 10. Now let's buildour first K2 website!www.joomlaworks.gr 11. Thank youwww.joomlaworks.gr