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James Reed – CIO – TSCM Security Services Successes from using GeneXus [email protected]

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James Reed – CIO – TSCM Security Services

Successes from using GeneXus

[email protected]

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Is Cloud Computing New?

• The underlying concept of cloud computing dates back to the 1960s, when John McCarthy opined that "computation may someday be organized as a public utility."

• The actual term "cloud" borrows from telephony in that telecommunications companies, who until the 1990s primarily offered dedicated point-to-point data circuits, began offering Virtual Private Network (VPN) services with comparable quality of service but at a much lower cost. Cloud computing extends this boundary to cover servers as well as the network infrastructure.

• According to an article in Infoworld the definition of Cloud Computing is still being defined, though some CIOs and CEOs claim its just a new name for what we’ve been doing. CEO Larry Ellison of Oracle Corporation asserts that cloud computing is "everything that we already do", claiming that the company could simply "change the wording on some of our ads" to deploy their cloud-based services.

• The New Normal for Applications.

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What is TSCM Security Services?

• Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures

• A provider of high quality Counterintelligence and Privacy Protection Services for private citizens, U.S. Corporations, Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies.

• Now a cloud solution provider of DCAA compliant software for government contracting agencies and government agencies direct.

• Founded by Howard Johnson in 2006.

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What is TSS doing with GeneXus today?

• Providing a DCAA compliant package that is also compatible with smart devices. Accessible in the cloud. (Currently done without using the smart device generators)

• Providing solutions that can provide reports from databases that are totally unrelated and are on different platforms.

• Providing custom solutions for commercial and government clients with a noticeably faster turn time than our competitors.

• Utilizing Genexus to develop countermeasures for cyber attacks as well as cellular and wireless monitoring user interfaces.

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TSS Cloud Solution

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Reinvent Classic Applications in the CloudNorton Commander for DOS

Total Commander for Windows

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Reinvent Classic Applications in the Cloud

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My Experience with GeneXus• User of GeneXus since 1991 starting with Kellwood Company and EDS.

• Used with many platforms including AS/400, Windows Client Server, Web (Windows and Unix).

• Used many of the generators including COBOL, RPG, FoxPro, Clipper, Visual Basic, C#, Java.

• Assisted other large organizations in getting onboard with GeneXus such as Pictsweet and We’re Wireless (an AT&T authorized retailer).

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How did I learn of GeneXus?

• 1991 - Seeking a product to do system prototyping.

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Why I heavily embrace GeneXus

• It’s a product that does what it says!

• Artech is in tune with trends

• Future proofs

• I like to work smart, not hard.

• Single Tool – Multiple Platforms. (One Size Fits All)

• Does not produced “bloated” code.

• Powerful and robust versioning and change management.

• Handles any size development

• High Level Code/No road blocks.

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Efficient Software Engineering

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Platform Flexability

Evolution Adds Ruby and Smart Device Generator.

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Successes Using GeneXus• Kellwood - Designed one of the first offshore manufacturing tracking system.

• Pictsweet - Designed a “Bulk Warehouse” application.

• Kellwood - Designed a Windows based solution that interfaced with AS/400

• Kellwood & Pictsweet - Designed thermal label interfaces for AS/400 for both TL Ashford and Magic.

• Kellwood & Pictsweet - Designed a reporting tool to allow end users to create ad-hoc reports and export data into Excel.

• We’re Wireless (AT&T) – Designed a web interface to provide business intelligence for the wireless industry as well as system “bolt-ons” to fill in gaps and features lacking in operational software. Had to extract data out of a database called Top Speed.

• Kellwood – By 1994 reduced the development team of 14 people down to 3 with gains in production. Systems developed allowed Kellwood Sag Harbor division to grow from 225 million to 750 million in 4 years without adding resources.

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Code & Concepts Reused From Other Platforms

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Customer Message to Artech

Do not mess up this perfect software development tool

Do not be talked into selling

Keep doing what you’ve done for the last 20 years

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Do You Remember These?

Same(&<Variable>, <Attribute>)

Define(&<Variable>(row,col), <‘Type’>, <Len>, <Dec>, <’Pic’>, <’Sign’>)

Color(‘Wht’, 5)

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