Joomla! Day UK 2009 - Joomla! Usergroups

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1Joomla! Day UK 2009

1All Presentations must start with this page first2Joomla! Day UK 2009Joomla! User GroupsAlex KempkensJoomla!www.joomla.orgCore team memberAndy WallaceJoomla! Community UKEvent CoordinatorMaster Docs

2All presentations must have this slide 2ndJoomla! User Groups3

UFF This was easyWhat are we talking about?Who is a user?AuthorsPublisherAdminsDeveloperDesignerWebsite ownersVisitors of websitesMembers of the regional communityMembers of the world wide community

4Joomla! User Groups5How to create a User Group?Get to gather with users in your area, city, region online or in real liveCheck online who is aroundUse the forums to find each other (e.g. a good place to meet and chat6How to create a User Group?Apply for your JUG being registered as an official Joomla! User Group (JUG)Check the requirements for names, logos Check if there isnt an existing group near byFill out the form and get your website up and running7How to create a User Group?Register your website on Joomla! ConnectMeet, have fun, exchange ideas and work together 8Whats important for a JUGFunFunFunCollaborationRegular contacts best case in real liveTeamworkCommunication9Now, where is the next JUG?10

Thanks' for listening Alex & Andy11