Jim's Birthday

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  • 1. Jims Birthday By Amy Edmonds

2. One day there was an astronaut named Jim. It was Jims birthday! Jim wanted to have a birthday party but he had a special job to do. He had to visit each planet in the solar system and look for aliens. I will have my birthday party with the aliens in space! said Jim. 3. Jim flew in his rocket to the first planet, Mercury. Mercury is closest to the sun, so its very hot. Theres no water on Mercury, so how will I have my favourite cordial? asked Jim. Jim searched high and low but he couldnt find any aliens. 4. Jim flew to the second planet, Venus. Venus is a very cloudy planet, so its very dark. I wont be able to see my friends when we play chasey, thought Jim. He explored everywhere but he found no aliens. 5. Jim flew past the third planet, Earth. He looked out of the window and wondered if his family were saving him some cake. I wish I was at home opening presents, sniffled Jim. 6. Jim looked and looked but there were still no aliens. Jim flew to the fourth planet, Mars. Mars is bright red from all the red dirt and rocks. If we were playing here, we might get too dirty, decided Jim. 7. Jim flew to the fifth planet, Jupiter. Jupiter has big, booming storms, so its very scary. We would have to hide inside, thought Jim. He checked for aliens and climbed back into his rocket. 8. Jim flew to the sixth planet, Saturn. Saturn has huge rings around it and it spins very fast. We would get too dizzy if we stayed here, said Jim. Jim had a quick look but there were no aliens in sight. 9. Jim flew to the seventh planet, Uranus. Uranus is made up of rock and ice, so its very cold. It might be too cold to eat ice cream, said Jim. Jim saw no aliens so he blasted off. 10. Jim flew to the eighth planet, Neptune. Neptune is bright blue and very windy. My candles would be blown out by the wind! sighed Jim. Jim started his rocket and began to fly home. 11. Jim had spent his whole birthday feeling very lonely. He had found no aliens and no planet was right for a birthday party. Jims rocket landed on Earth and just as he stepped out 12. Surprise! All of Jims family and friends had thrown him the perfect birthday party. It was good to be home.