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Slideset used by Jisse Reitsma during Joomla! conference JAndBeyond, dealing with Linux-based tools that could aid Joomla! sites (webp, optipng, mod_pagespeed, maldet, and many more)

Text of JAndBeyond - Extend Joomla! webserver instead

  • 1.Extend the Joomla! webserverinsteadapril 2012Joomla! Database Abstractie

2. Jisse Reitsma Co-founder and developer of Yireo MageBridge, Vm2Mage, SimpleLists, Dynamic404, SSL Redirect, ... System administrator Linux, HP-UX, VMware ESX Programmer Joomla!, Magento, PHP, Java, Android Freelance trainer Joomla! development, Magento developmentapril 2012Joomla! Database Abstractie 3. This talk Part 1: Dealing with images (optipng, WebP) Part 2: Dealing with CSS and Javascript Part 3: Other stuff (mod_pagespeed, maldet)april 2012 Joomla! Database Abstractie 4. Requirements We own the server Using SSH is vital (basic shell experience)april 2012Joomla! Database Abstractie 5. (questions?)april 2012 Joomla! Database Abstractie 6. Part 1: Dealing with imagesapril 2012 Joomla! Database Abstractie 7. Dealing with images Optimizing / indexing images (optipng, ...) WebP: An alternative image-formatapril 2012 Joomla! Database Abstractie 8. Image optimization (1/2) What to do: Bit depth; color palette; indexation Less quality; resolution Compression techniqueapril 2012Joomla! Database Abstractie 9. Image optimization (2/2) optipng pngcrush pngout jpegoptim jpegtranapril 2012 Joomla! Database Abstractie 10. Google WebP Reduces image size with 25-34% Binary file cwebp Yireo extensions: WebP for Joomla! WebP for Magentoapril 2012 Joomla! Database Abstractie 11. (questions?)april 2012 Joomla! Database Abstractie 12. Part 2: Dealing with CSS and JSapril 2012 Joomla! Database Abstractie 13. CSS compressors CSStidy CSSCompressor AjaxMin Minify YUICompressorapril 2012 Joomla! Database Abstractie 14. JavaScript compressors Packer JSMin Closure Compiler YUICompressor AjaxMinapril 2012Joomla! Database Abstractie 15. Also: Forget about merging, build CSS using LESS Use mod_deflate to compress JS/CSS output JCH Optimize, Yireo ScriptMerge, RokGzipperapril 2012Joomla! Database Abstractie 16. (questions?)april 2012 Joomla! Database Abstractie 17. Part 3: Other stuffapril 2012Joomla! Database Abstractie 18. Google mod_pagespeed Apache 2 module Features (core filters): HTML optimization CSS / JS merging and compression Image compression Ideal for dedicated servers, not sharedapril 2012Joomla! Database Abstractie 19. Security tools maldet rkhunter Nessusapril 2012Joomla! Database Abstractie 20. Also (1/2) Kernel parameters (TCP windows, timeouts) tmpfs / ramfs PHP accelerator: APC, memcache, XCache, ... Use Nginx or Lightspeed instead of Apache MySQL optimizationapril 2012Joomla! Database Abstractie 21. Also (2/2) SPDY (HTTP2) NewRelic Piwik Amazon S3 (s3cmd)april 2012Joomla! Database Abstractie 22. (questions?)april 2012 Joomla! Database Abstractie