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<ul><li> 1. How to make better choices about Mobile Devices Nick Dennis Berkhamsted School</li></ul> <p> 2. 3. Purpose 4. Purpose 5. Simon SinekPurposeSimon Sinek The Importance of core beliefsWhy How What 6. Strategy v. DevelopmentPurposeYour SchoolStrategy is concerned with defining the shape and extent of the organisation 7. Strategy v. DevelopmentPurpose Development is concerned with how the organisation is going to adapt and improve within the strategic parametersStrategy is concerned with defining the shape and extent of the organisation 8. PurposeWhat are the steps that will take us from A to B? 9. DevelopmentTPACK 10. DevelopmentDecisive 1. You encounter a choice 2. You analyse your options 3. You make a choice4. Then you live with it 11. Chip &amp; Dan HeathDecisive Narrow framing means you miss options Confirmation bias leads you to gather self-serving information Short-term emotion often tempts you to make the wrong one But you are overconfident about how the future will unfold 12. Tim HarfordAdapt The three essential steps are: to try new things, in the expectation that some will fail; to make failure survivable, because it will be common; and to make sure you know when you have failed 13. Chip &amp; Dan HeathDecisive 1. Think of opportunity cost; 2. Consider a range of options simultaneously; 3. Find someone who has solved your problem; 4. Run experiments; 5. Prepare to be wrong. 14. Atul GawandeThe Checklist Manifesto 15. DevelopmentTPACK 16. Final wordUse of tech in schoolsIf everyone is busy making everything, how can anyone perfect anything? 17. Dr Nick Dennis Email: Twitter: LinkedIn: @nickdennis 18. BreakoutChecklist for mobile device use Checklist Read - do Do confirm Killer items Should be on one page Technology managers? Senior Leaders? Middle Leaders? Teachers? 19. DevelopmentChecklists</p>


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