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Is there an app for that? Web 2.0 in the classroom

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Presented November 12, 2010. An introduction to various Web 2.0 tools and their corresponding apps. Our goal is to create online learning environments and ideally increase the engagement and achievement levels of our students. Featured tools: Wordpress, media converters, Dropbox, Quizlet, word clouds, online screen recorders, Hyperwords, RSS feeds, Prezi, Slideshare.

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Is there an app for that?Using Web 2.0 in your classroom.

Students, regardless of community demographics, socio-economic backgrounds, gender and grade, tell us year after year that the lack of sophisticated use of emerging technology tools in school is, in fact, holding back their education and in many ways, disengaging them from learning.

Speak Up 2009 National Findings


Today:Introduction: Web 2.0 tools and their corresponding appsCreate online learning environmentsGoal: increase engagement and achievement levels of your studentsRemember: its about the SKILLS and not the TOOLS


About Me: Noelle MorrisTeachable Subjects: English, Social Sciences, Communication Technology

Currently: Masters of Education (University of Windsor)Graphic Designer / Marketing (Bridges Canada)Research Assistant (Canadian Forces)Three Words to Describe Myself: Facilitator, lifelong learner, information junkie



What students are doing:CollaboratingSharingNetworkingExploringConnectingCreatingPublishing

Our goal: bring 21st century learning to our students, both in and out of the classroom.


Uruguay:395,000 children have the XO computer.

Cost: $185 (USD)


Media / 5 conversions daily (video only)Media Converter: / 5 conversions daily (video/audio)FLVto: / 10 conversions daily (video/audio)ClipNabber (useful for Vimeo videos):

If you want to use videos on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, make sure that you download mp4 files. Mp4 files are Apple-compatible.


Wordpress is a free blogging tool, publishing platform, and learning management system.

WordPress application for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Cost: free


Dropboxhttps://www.dropbox.comOnline back up, file sync, and file sharing. Storage: 2GB of online storage for free, with up to 100GB available ($$$).Syncs files of any size or type across different operating systems.Automatic online backup with 30 days of undo history.

Dropbox (iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad)Cost: free


Quizlet interactive flashcards with words and images, access preexisting flashcards from other users, combine multiple sets of flashcards, print flashcards and terms, and create a group for collaborative studying and live chat.

Touchcards Free - Flash cards from the top sites (iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad)Cost: free Touch (iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad)Cost: $4.99


Word Clouds cloud word wallsPresentation promptsFree-writingCurrent eventsAudible word clouds

WordMap FreeCost: free http://www.tagxedo.comAll About MeVocabularyClassroom pollsCharacter traits analysisIdentify nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. dirk schchter

dirk schchter

Dave Murray


Online screen recorders No apps here! Instead, post your screen recording on YouTube and then use one of the media converters to download it for your mobile device.


Hyperwords Firefox plug-in allows you to right click on any word on a webpage and instantly access/share relevant information via search engines, search results, social networking, and more. Hyperwords lets any word can become interactive and accessible.Disclaimer: this will only work within Firefox web browsers.


RSS Feed Really simple syndication - information being posted that you can subscribe to as it is posted live. ***For Google Reader, you will need a Google account.

MobileRSS Free ~ Google RSS News Reader (iPhone & iPod Touch)Cost: free Pro ~ Google RSS News Reader (iPhone & iPod Touch)Cost: $2.99 MobileRSS HD ~ Google RSS News Reader (iPad)Cost: $4.99


Prezi presentation editor - alternative to PowerPoint and KeyNotePresent online or download for offline use (but without the editing functions)Ideal for non-linear thinkersPrezi Edu Pro: work entirely offline. $59.00/year.


SlideSharehttp://www.slideshare.netPowerPoint users can upload and share their presentations


Additional Resources

"My teachers don't have to know where to click. I can teach them that. I just want them to teach me the parts that I'm not thinking about yet."

(Kajder, 2007)