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Ionic App Development | Mobile App Developers

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  • Reasons to choose the

  • To deliver your idea to your target audience with the perfection that finally satisfies you & end-users.

  • Mobile App Development

    Native Hybrid (Ionic)

    App development using native languages like

    Java, Objective-C for specific platforms.

    App development using web technologies

    for all platforms.

  • What is your ultimate goal when you think of

    mobile app development?

    Open-source mobile app development framework.

    The Ionic framework is the one that allows for thecreation of highly-interactive, cross-platform mobileapplications that can be deployed across all theplatforms. (Android, iOS, Windows)

  • Ability to acknowledge the platform specific CSS.

    Provides native look & feel on distinct mobile OS.

    Reduces the need of code rewriting.

    Platform Independent Framework:

  • It has many default CSS & JS components for Mobile apps.

    Its simplicity does not compromise on elegance.

    The uniformity of user experience is maintained on

    different platforms.

    Default User Interface (UI) :

  • With AngularJS it extends many features to make creative apps.

    Using built-in AngularJSs features offers exceptional user experience.

    Ionic shares compatibility with AngularJS & thus its benefits too.

    Potential of AngularJS:

  • It integrates pretty easily with native functionality by using Cordova.

    One language development journey makes it easy.

    Able to prototype an application in less than half the time of a native application is a huge benefit.

    Easy Development & Integration:


  • The ionic team members are extremely active on social media.

    They really engage with their user base & provide support.

    List of few active on Twitter:

    Max Lynch

    Ben Sperry

    Adam Bradly

    An Awesome Community


  • Building in-app navigation can be complex for some apps.

    Use of AngularJS may demands that developers have the specific skill set for building complex apps.

    It may lack in platform specific performance.

    That can be manageable:

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