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This presentation is about Instant Video Expert. A capability of Soltrite.1Connect the customer standing in front of a Kiosk/Digital Sign+ A live expert in HD Video Quality Here is what we do, summed up in one slide.2

Instant Video Expert does the routing Agents can be anywhere

Moving from left to right... The kiosk, digital sign, or tablet is connected to the internet. The customer requests to speak live with an expert. Instant Video Expert routs the request to the best qualified expert. The expert establishes an HD video connection with the customer standing in front of the kiosk.3How does it work?WindowsMacLinuxAndroid TabletHardware and SoftwareFirst, lets take a look at the kiosk device. We can run on most hardware platforms available today.5Integration to Kiosk/Digital Sign SoftwareClick here for live supportWhat about software integration? Essentially there isnt any integration work. Using the kiosk software you already use, just place the request for help button, (like the blue one) where you want them in the application.6

A link behind the buttonEach button is uniqueThen put a specific link behind the button that we provide to you. We do the rest.7

The expert will know which kiosk requested assistance and where the customer was in the kiosk software

Now, lets put it all together. The correct expert is contacted and an HD video connection is made. That expert knows where the customer is in the application and even what kiosk the customer is standing in front of. So the expert could say something like, I see you are standing on first floor in the west end of the mall of america. What you are looking for is just down the hall 100 yards on the right.8Dramatically enhancing the customer experience

Give your customers an amazing experience. They will buy more and come back knowing that a live video expert is always there to help.9

Silence. No words needed.10