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  • 1. Previous THe BuSIneSS VALue OF TeCHnOLOGY June 2011 Previous Next Previous Next Previous Nex Download If youre not melding your social media, mobility, and collaboration strategies, you need to think bigger >> Subscribe By Michael Finneran Plus IPv6: Waiting will cost you >>
  • 2. PracticalAnalysis Previous NextIN THIS ISSUEUC: Think big >> Time To Get Off The IPv6 Fence JEFF DOYL E For a decade, analysts have pointed to the ac- Nevertheless, as I discuss in a recent Informa- your control) and IPv6 proxies, or you can by- celerating trend of putting everything over IP tionWeek Analytics report, externally accessible pass those temporary workarounds by making and warned that wed better get ready for IPv6. services are behind the business case for IPv6. your services natively accessible via IPv6. So why, even after v4 address depletion, are we Service providers, particularly broadband I know what youre thinkingno large still begging vendors to please, just add IPv6 service providers, will soon be provisioning groups of IPv6 users are pushing for this yet. support to their products already? thousands of new customers on IPv6. There Why not stall for another year? Its not that surprising. We tend to prioritize are three ways for these IPv6 customers to That would be a mistake. Every IPv6 project network upgrades around the most urgent reach online content and services: Ive been involved with has been more com- needs, and IPv6 has always seemed like some- >> The broadband service provider will pro- plex than expected, and most of that complex- thing that weand, thus, our suppliers vide a centralized NAT (large-scale NAT, or LSN) ity has stemmed from the need to identify, test, could put off another year or two. So is the system that lets users reach IPv4 content us- and update or replace applications, gear, and requisite urgency finally here to move IPv6 at ing private IPv4 addresses. services that are accessed externally via IPv6. least close to the top of our priority lists? >> The enterprise will stand up IPv6 proxies Security is its own nightmare. Thats definitely so in the service provider in front of its IPv4-only servers. Sure, you can find plenty of reasons to put arena, where the business case is straightfor- >> The services will be made accessible na- off IPv6 planning or to implement a work - ward: Were running out of an essential net- tively by IPv6. around for the near term. But IPv6 is in- work resource (addresses) and must do some- Lab testing and field experience show that evitable. Avoiding it now will eventually cost thing about it. But in most of the businesses I LSN and IPv6 proxies will adversely affect or you more, in lost customers and lost produc- work with, that urgency hasnt yet hit home. even break some apps. If your customers have tivity, than youll spend beginning an imple- Internally, most enterprise networks can con- problems with your online services, theyre not mentation now. Trust me on thisand con- tinue to grow using private IPv4 addresses going to blame their ISPstheyre going to sider taking part in our first IPv6 survey, behind IPv4-to-IPv6 Network Address Trans- blame you. Therefore, the IPv6 case for enter- through June 13. lation (NAT44), and externally accessible serv- prises is the need to maintain the customer ices dont grow fast enough for IPv4 address quality of experience. You can hope for the best Jeff Doyle is one of the founders of the Rocky Mountain IPv6 depletion to be a near-term threat. with service provider LSNs (completely out of Task Force. Write to us at June 2011 2
  • 3. UC Previous Next [COVER STORY]IN THIS ISSUEUC: Think big >>Get off the IPv6 fence >> Think Big The chief barrier to richer and more pervasive unified communications isnt technology. Its a lack of imagination. By Michael FinneranGet This AndAll Our Reports I f your idea of a unified communications when you can point to their potential for earn- The big, creative view of UC always links newBecome an InformationWeekAnalytics subscriber and get our strategy is to integrate voice mail and ing new business. communications options with the underlyingfull report on mobile unified email and set up a few room-based video- And heres something you may not have con- business processes theyll improve.communications. This reportincludes 19 pages of action- conferencing systems, youre selling your com- sidered: The mobility and collaboration initia- Were not saying thats easy. For starters, mostoriented analysis. pany short. Think bigmake your UC mission tives youre likely undertaking may be UC by an- companies havent made nearly enough head-What youll find: statement to integrate communications as a other name. Say: Were going to spend $300 per way on basic integration. A collaboration archi-> Why we need a new definition means to optimize business processes. That employee on a set of tools to integrate voice, tect for a major global manufacturer says a lack of mobility means factoring in collaboration, social net- video, instant messaging, and email in a dash- of standards is still a major roadblock. The ven-> A four-step plan to merge UC working, and mobility, as well discuss, but it board, and at best youll inspire a yawn. But say: dors are playing chicken with each other and and mobility also means looking beyond mundane IT issues. Were going to spend $300 per employee to re- with customers, he says. Cisco works with> What your WLAN needs now Your infrastructure has to be up to the task, but duce by 75% the average time to create a tai- Cisco gear, but not Siemens. Microsoft works Download its a lot easier to justify new UC investments lored sales proposal, and youll get attention. with its partners but has no interest in June 2011 3
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