IMS RUG Host Presentation - Minneapolis, MN 9/24/2014

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An overview of the vast amounts of IMS information, services and offerings that are available. IMS Conferences, Customer Advisory Councils, videos and information available via YouTube and various social media platforms, along with contact information for the IMS Customer Internship program and IMS Services team are all topics that are addressed in this presentation.

Text of IMS RUG Host Presentation - Minneapolis, MN 9/24/2014

  • 1. IMS Regional User GroupsMinneapolis, Sept. 24, 2014Jerry SilvaIMS RUG Advocate MinneapolisIBM Silicon Valley Lab 2014 IBM Corporation

2. IMS hits the roadIBM ImpactApril 27 May 1Las Vegas, NVIBM InnovateJune 1 - 5Orlando, FLShare PittsburgAugust 3 - 8Pittsburg, CA 2014 IBM CorporationCentral CanadianDB2 User GroupCCDUGJune 2 - 3Markham, OntarioIBM Insight 2014October 26 - 30Las Vegas, NVNEXT 3. IMS 13 Migration Workshop!July 8 103-day teleconference series! 2014 IBM Corporation3For more information and to 4. IMS Value Unit EditionDatabase Manager For both IMS 13 and IMS 12 The same high-speed, highly available IMS data server,now with an alternative and attractive pricing option. Provides competitive advantage to IMS data sharingclients requiring additional cost-effective access to IMSdata for net new workload. Expressly for net new applications or workloads in Java orSQL only, through IMS Open Database, from applicationson WebSphere Application Server on z/OSTransaction Manager For both IMS 13 and IMS 12 The same performance and workload managementcapabilities of IMS Transaction Manager, now with analternative and attractive pricing option to access IMSassets from qualified Java, mobile, analytics, and big dataworkloads. For new qualifying Java workloads and new qualifying 2014 IBM Corporationpackaged application workloadsBoth add new customized capabilities to address business growth based on key business initiatives including SOA,enterprise and mobile access strategy, and operational business intelligence (BI).Both leverage the unique industry-leading performance and workload management capabilities of IMS.For more information, visit 5. IMS Business Value Assessment WorkshopHelp clients identify ways to getmore out of their IMSinvestment.A proactive assessmentProvides tactical and strategicrecommendations to: 2014 IBM Corporation5 Increase benefits Lower costs Improve processingefficiencies for IMSapplicationsSupported bySubject MatterExperts fromDevelopmentDiscovery WorkshopGenerate Recommendations anddevelop workshop materialsIBM or BP Services forDeploymentLabIMS Value Assessment?Project Kickoff CallData Consolidation andTechnical AssessmentDeliver RecommendationsProposal for next steps.IBM Client team follow-upJoint Proof Of Concept Client ImplementationContact Laura Hunsinger,, for detailsStill a no-chargeworkshop! 6. 2014 IBM Corporation6IMS Customer Advisory Council Monthly e-Meetings NA Participants: Third Tuesday EMEA & South America Participants: Third Thursday Face-to-face Meetings Information On Demand (IOD) Conference Networking opportunities withpeer IMS experts worldwide Influence the strategic product direction of IMS! We are planning a unique IMS NextGen CACInterested in joining?Contact: Laura Hunsinger at!IMSNextGenCAC! 7. IMS Customer Internship Program 2014 Interested in one (1) final Customer Internship event in Sessions include: Installation, HALDB features, IMS OTMAand Connect, application topics, and MORE! Should have at least 2-3 years of IMS experience Contact Tori Gonzalez for more information: 2014 IBM Corporation72014? Let us hear from you!!! subject was successfully covered by the mostappropriate expert. While I was there at SVL, the program wasflexible enough so we could address certain topics which Ipersonally identified, that would benefit me at my homelocation...a unique experience, where I was given theopportunity to meet with the IMS developers andtesters at the IBM Lab, and work side by side withthem It's incredible to meet people whose work isknown worldwide. 8. IMS ISV Community 2014 IBM Corporation 9. IBM Knowledge Center One-stop shop - IBM Knowledge Center is 2014 IBM Corporationyour destination on for all IBMtechnical information and resources. Itreplaces multiple sources of informationacross IBM products. Initially... Knowledge Center combines all ofour existing information centers (IMS andothers) into a single web site that provides animproved, filterable search capability and abrand-new user experience. Over time IBM Knowledge Center will bethe basis for a fusion of a wide variety ofsources including information centers, wikis,developerWorks, Support, Redbooks,PartnerWorld, and more.9Now in Beta!Have questions? Interested in early testing?Contact David Hanson from the IMS Information Development team: 10. 2014 IBM CorporationIMS Best 11. IMS Social Community! 2014 IBM Corporation11 12. New IMS Videos Available! 2014 IBM Corporation12Explore the ReThinkIMS YouTube channel for demos, tutorials, and more! NEW! 13. IMS Redbooks theres an App for that! 2014 IBM Corporation13Now available for both iOS and Android devicesGet it now! 14. Are you getting the most from your IMS investment? 2014 IBM CorporationIMS is the GOLD Standardfor:AvailabilityPerformanceDependability IMS makes modernizingeasy and affordableSupport for IMS 11 endson October 30, 2014We Can Help!Version-to-Version MigrationsHealth ChecksSOA PilotsCapacity PlanningShared Queues, Data Sharing, Sysplex.and much more!Visit us 15. IMS User Group Meeting Locations North AmericaPhysical RUGs e-Meeting RUG OPEN TO ALL 2014 IBM Corporation NYC, NY Victoria, BC Seattle, WA San Ramon, CA Phoenix, AZ Dallas, TX Fort Lauderdale, FL Columbus, OH Philadelphia, PA Toronto, Canada Charlotte, NC Boston, MA Hartford, CT Southern CA Jacksonville, FL Washington, DC Pittsburg, PA Omaha, NE Minneapolis, MN Bloomington/Springfield, IL Detroit, MIUpcoming meetings @ 16. IMS User Group Meeting Locations Latin America, Europe, Asia - PacificLatin America Europe Asia-Pacific 2014 IBM Corporation16 Sao Paulo, Brazil Oslo, Norway Helsinki, Finland Stockholm, Sweden Tokyo, Japan Singapore Melbourne, AustraliaCheck for upcoming meetings Sydney, Australiahere: 17. 2014 IBM CorporationQuestions?