Improving site search with search analytics

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My presentation from UX Camp Europe 2013 in Berlin


  • 1. Improving site searchwith search analyticsAudun RundbergJune 22nd, 2013

2. #uxce13@audunru 3. Be just as good asGoogle - in 3 small steps:1. Index everything you want to search2. Design a search form:3. Show the best results first when people search on your siteSearch! 4. Is it thatsimple? 5. Photo: Google 6. Photo: Google 7. Photo: Google 8. Source: 9. B38,4%C34,3%F3,9%E8,1%D3,9%A3,3%1,6% 1,6% 1,6%1,6%1,6%Source: 10. ContentLinksDomain historyUser behaviourSocial media sharing 11. Google vs YouGoogle Billions of documents User behaviour data fromhundreds of millions of users 50.000+ employeesYour search engine 100-100.000 documents Probably not used very much 0-1 employees 12. Big countryBig websites 13. Bigger countryEvenbiggerwebsites 14. #1 Check yoursearch results 15. your site, theyre telling you in their own wordsm your organization. In Search Analytics for Your Site,ws you how to harvest and analyze search queryur sites search performance, content, navigation,ness, and overall user experience.dback will improve any sites user experience, why arent we spendingords our audience uses when asking us for stuff? I cant imagine a moreRosenfeld to help us put this amazing data to work.te lays out pretty much everything you need to know to mine your querysitive customer experience.Demystiedlytics for Your Site is a superlative work from the initial story to the nallytics and UX practice. Great book!oks that makes me pound the table with my st and yell, Yes! Exactly!g it.nt Strategy for the WebOR YOUR SITEks/searchanalytics/SE ARCH ANALY TICS FOR YOUR SITEConversations with Your Customersby LOUIS ROSENFELDforewords by Steve Krug and Avinash KaushikSEARCHANALYTICSFORYOURSITEbyLOUISROSENFELD 16. Mostcommonqueries 17. 062,5125187,52501 9 17 25 33 41 49 57 65 73 81 89 97 105 113 121 129 137 145 153 161 169 177 185 193 201 209 217 225 233 241 249Top 50 queries: 10% of searches50 of 23,252 total queries: 0,2% 18. PPM 19. PPM5. place... Good enough? 20. Query Best resultvacancies 1sia 2ppm 4plane tickets 24travel 3Average 6,8 21. Old Jan 31 New Jan 31 New Feb 22 New Apr 1702,557,5104,29,31,741,27Average position of best result 22. Most common queries1. Find the 50 most used queries in your search statistics, or asmany as you have time for2. Perform a search for each query3. Decide which result is the best4. Write down the position of the best result5. Calculate the average6. Repeat from time to time 23. Google Docs spreadsheet 24. Long tailqueries 25. Take 100 randomlyselected queries 26. Long tail queries1. Take 100 randomly selected queries from the long tail2. Categorise them3. Perform a search for each query4. Decide which result is the best5. Write down the position of the best result6. Calculate the average7. Repeat from time to time 27. Relevance 28. How to measure1. Find the 50 most used queries in your search statistics, or asmany as you have time for2. Perform a search for each query3. Rate the five first results from A to CA. Perfect resultB. Not perfect, but the user will get to the right pageC. Irrelevant 29. RelevanceQuery Result #1 Result #2 Result #3 Result #4 Result #5Relevance(strict)Relevance(less strict)mesys A B B B B 20% 100%glasses A B C C C 20% 40%cell phone A C B B B 20% 80%Average 20% 73% 30. #2 Improve your searchresults 31. Photo: 32. hyttecompany cabinResult 1 - 66.762 points:Date: 923 pointsIA: 60.000 pointsWord matches: 66 pointsTitle matches etc.: 5773 pointsResult 2 - 62.637 points:Date: 946 pointsIA: 56.000 pointsWord matches: 31 pointsTitle matches etc.: 5660 points 33. Removeirrelevantresults Front page Admin pages Different views of the samepage (e.g. screen and printversions) Duplicates 34. Metadatamatches Results that match the userprofile property Location geta higher score Also good for filters 35. Rewritecontent training instead ofcompetence-increasingmeasures 36. Usesynonyms Create a company-specific listof synonyms that your searchengine doesnt already knowabout 37. Adjust thealgorithm Title match is more importantthan a text match 38. Boostindividualresults Quick solution if a commonsearch query gives bad results You need a plan for how toreview manual changes 39. Giveunimportantcontent anegativeboost Older news articles or archivedcontent receives a negativeboost 40. Buy a new and moreexpensive searchengine that will solve allyour problemsLet me know if you find one! 41. Thank you!