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  • 1. IBM Mobile Enterprise Overview 2012 IBM Corporation

2. Mobile is changing how people spend their time and interactOf mobile users keep their device within arms reach 100% of the timeBy the end of this year, mobile transactions will have increased 50% over last yearCustomers who shop on tablets tend to spend 20% more than those who shop on computers2 2012 IBM Corporation 3. Even in the Midmarket72%of Midmarket CIOs put mobile as priority$133K 47% 90% 3average Midmarket firms spend annually on Mobile (ex-network)of Midmarket firms say Security is top concernwill support BYOD by 2014 2011 The Essential CIO, The Midmarket CIO Study Off Ramps 2012 SMB Group Mobile Study 2012 IBM Corporation 2011 Flurry Group 4. 4Mobile has become a priority Smartphones have passed PCs Source: Wells Fargo Securities, January 23, 2012 Fostering the People: The Shift to Engagement AppsUnit Volumes (Millions)WW Media Tablets WW NotebooksOne Billion smartphones by 2014600Mobile is the #2 CIO Technology PriorityWW PCs WW SmartphonesSource: 2011 Gartner Executive Programs' Worldwide CIO Survey t/page.jsp?id=18975140201020112012ESource: IDC Partner Profitability 2011, Changing Business Models and Requirements in the Top Solutions for Next 12 Months Evolving IT Channel Ecosystem41.7%39.5%37.9%Mobile App focus shifts to the enterpriseSource: 2011 IBM Tech Trends Report veloperworks/mydevelop erworks/blogs/techtrend s/entry/home?lang=en36.2% 29.6%20%The majority have a mobility strategy that calls for becoming a market leader in their industry.54.0% 44.5%40%prioritize mobileMobile 39.5%Partners are prioritizing mobile for profitability 60%61% of CIOs17.0%2.6%0%4 2012 IBM Corporation 5. Mobile is changing conventions for industries HealthcareConstructionFrom: Traditional health institutionFrom: Construction general contractor with remote employees To: Empowered construction project managers armed with mobile solutions to pitch new projects in higher-growth industriesTo: Seamless interactions among physicians and providers, improving quality of care, patient safety and efficiency improving patient experience5Government From: Sitting in traffic jamsTo: Real-time re-direction to optimal routes using mobile info 2012 IBM Corporation 6. CIOs and LOB execs are recognizing the importance of mobileCIOs1:LOB:77% plan to use of personal mobile devices toWith customer insight as the top CEO priority3,access company data and applicationsmobile changes everything.25+#2 digital priority of CMOs is deploying tablet andAlmost all expect to deploy more than 25 mobility applications in the next two years1A6mobile apps2report from McKinsey & Company: Based on a survey of 250 CIOs on their mobility strategies. 2IBM 2011 Global CMO study 3IBM 2012 CEO study 2012 IBM Corporation 7. The mobile opportunity also creates business and IT challenges Enterprise Business Model Changes New business opportunities based upon location Anytime, anywhere business transactions Importance of social business interactions Application Development Lifecycle Complexity Complexity of multiple device platforms with fragmented Web, native, and hybrid model landscape Connecting the enterprise back-end services in a secure and scalable manner Unique mobile requirements (user interface, connected/disconnected use, version upgrades, etc.) Faster time-to-market demands an iterative delivery Mobile Security and Management Protection of privacy and confidential information Use of client-owned smartphones and tablets (BYOD) Visibility, Security & Management of mobile platform requirements 7Top Mobile Adoption Concerns: 1. Security/privacy (53%) 2. Cost of developing for multiple mobile platforms (52%) 3. Integrating cloud services to mobile devices (51%)Source: 2011 IBM Tech Trends Report /blogs/techtrends/entry/home?lang=en 2012 IBM Corporation 8. Businesses are struggling with the unique mobile challenges Fragmentation of devices and platforms Speed and frequent iteration of the mobile lifecycle Online/Offline functionality Security to protect corporate data Connectivity to back-end systems and cloudMobile Context taking advantage of unique capabilities such as geo-location8 2012 IBM Corporation 9. The quick reaction is to focus on devices and cool appsBusiness leaders respond to mobile with, Lets build a really slick mobile app, put it up on iTunes and were done! ..... the fact [is] that underlying legacy applications and business processes need optimizing for the mobile experience. Clay Richardson, Forrester Analyst9 2012 IBM Corporation 10. The real transformation is the business model From Simple learning and sharing Sending email, calendar access, social networking Basic transactions: such as buying songs, books10ToTwo opportunities for business have emerged: Engage with all constituents anywhere, anytime. Transact more business functions in motion 2012 IBM Corporation 11. IBMs strategy addresses client mobile initiatives Build & ConnectManage & SecureExtend & TransformBuild mobile appsManage mobile devices and appsExtend capabilities to mobileConnect & run mobile systemsSecure my mobile businessTransform my businessKey CapabilitiesKey CapabilitiesKey Capabilities Mobile web, hybrid and native app development Mobile lifecycle management Strategy, planning and implementation Enterprise data, service, and application integration Device analytics and control Mobile-enabled solutions including analytics, commerce, and social business Enterprise Ready Software Development Secure network communications & management Mobile as a service11 2012 IBM Corporation 12. Become a Mobile Enterprise With a comprehensive end-to-end mobile platform and services Build mobile appsManage mobile devices and appsExtend capabilities to mobileConnect & run mobile systemsSecure my mobile businessTransform my businessIBM Social Business, Commerce & AnalyticsIBM Mobile Foundation IBM Endpoint Manager for MobileIBM Mobile Services12 2012 IBM Corporation 13. IBM announces new mobile enterprise capabilities Build mobile appsManage mobile devices and appsExtend capabilities to mobileConnect & run mobile systemsSecure my mobile businessTransform your businessIBM Mobile Foundation Rapid support for iOS6 Support for native and offline apps Extended support for BYOD Enterprise and App Store linkage Hosted & on-premise servicesIBM Social Business, Commerce & Analytics IBM Connections 4 Mobile leveraging location servicesIBM Mobile Development Lifecycle Solution Accelerated application deliveryIBM Security Access Manager Context based security enabled for cloud and mobileIBM Mobile Services Mobile Application Innovation Services13Mobile Enterprise Services for Managed MobilityMobile Infrastructure Strategy and Planning 2012 IBM Corporation 14. Mir Majeed Mobility Practice Lead, AAJ TechnologiesIBM Worklight Technical Overview 2012 IBM Corporation 15. MobileBuild, connect, manage and secure your mobile enterpriseIBM Mobile Foundation Includes IBM Worklight IBM WebSphere Cast Iron IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile DevicesIBM Mobile FoundationPlus New Services Offering IBM Mobile ServicesComplementary Offerings 16IBM solutions for Social Business IBM Smarter Commerce IBM Exceptional Web Experience IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management 2012 IBM Corporation 16. MobileOpen, cost-effective, cross-platform app development IBM Worklight App development using native and/or familiar web technologies: HTML5 CSS3App delivery in variety of forms: Mobile Web app Hybrid app NativeCompatible with prominent HTML5 libraries and tools: JavaScript17 2012 IBM Corporation 17. MobileWorklight Component Overview Worklight Studio The most complete, extensible development environment with maximum code reuse and per-device optimizationWorklight Server Mobile middleware offering unified push notifications, version management, security and integrationWorklight Runtime Components Extensive libraries and client APIs that expose and interface with native device functionality and the Worklight ServerWorklight Console A web-based console for real-time analytics and control of your mobile apps and infrastructure 20 2012 IBM Corporation 18. MobileWorklight Conceptual Architecture22 2012 IBM Corporation 19. MobileWorklight Studio Eclipse-based IDE Combining native and standard web technologies in one multiplatform app Environment-specific optimization 3rd-party libraries integration Device SDK integration Back-end connectivity utilities23 2012 IBM Corporation 20. MobileSingle Shared Codebase Common code placed in primary file Environment optimization code is maintained separately24 2012 IBM Corporation 21. MobileDrag-n-drop UI construction25 2012 IBM Corporation 22. MobilePreview in BrowserPerform device specific tests in the Mobile Browser Simulator: supports PhoneGap and Worklight client API 26 2012 IBM Corporation 23. MobileSkins Different Screen SizesDifferent Screen DensitiesDifferent Input MethodsSupport for HTML5 Provide support for multiple form factors in a single executable file for devices of the same OS family A sub-variant of an environment Packaged together in one App Decision on which skin to use is done automatically at runtime 27 2012 IBM Corporation 24. MobileWorklight Server Distribution of mobile web apps Enterprise connectivity: Secure client/server connectivity Direct access to enterprise back-end data and transaction capabilities Authentication enforcement Client control: Application version management and remote disabling Direct update of application code Unified Push Notifications Aggregation of usage statistics28 2012 IBM Corporation 25. MobileDevice Runtime Components Framework for server integration: Secure server connectivity Authentication Remote disable &am