Hybrid organization building modern business apps with windows azure notification

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In this new era, apps became the new way for user to interact with their favourite services. Part of any modern day apps whether its iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or Windows Store notifying the users is one key element Ex: Facebook updates, Weather update, Traffic update etc. One of the key challenge here is sending notifications to millions of users in a reliable way across devices and platforms. Thats the exact problem Windows Azure Notifications solves for us. Notification are not just for consumer facing fancy apps, it can be used for business applications as well. In this session, Saravana Kumar shows how some of the business critical alerts can be transmitted to wide variety of devices taking advantage of some of the new Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013 capabilities and Windows Azure Service Bus Notification Hubs.


  • 1. Saravana Kumar Founder/CTO BizTalk360 Ricardo Torre Product Strategist BizTalk360

2. Platform Notification Service App back-end Client app 3. APNs WNS Notification Hub App back-end iOS app Windows Store app 4. 6. Notification 1. Schedule service 2. Service call 3. Dynamic dispatch 4. GPS Telemetry 5. Notification 5. Tags as interest groups. You can use tags also for: Notification Hub App back-end Tag:BeatlesTag:Wailers Tag:Beatles 6. Service Bus Notification HubApp back-end $(message) { aps: { alert: $(message) } } { message: Hello! } Hello! Hello! 7. Service Bus Notification HubApp back-end $(tempF) { aps: { alert: $(tempC) } } {tempC: 23, tempF: 73} 73 23