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<ol><li> 1. HUB Intranet Product Intranets of the previous era faced challenges such as being static, offering a non- intuitive user experience, a painful search experience and were a set of disintegrated systems. IT departments in various organizations faced challenges such as inability to scale or allow a geographically distributed workforce to collaborate in real time. Various departments in organizations functioned as silos in terms of collaboration, knowledge sharing and engaging with each other to improve productivity. Whilst Content is still the key, trends such as Social Mobility Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) have changed the Intranet paradigm to move to a dynamic and responsive Intranet that institutionalizes sustained user adoption to usher in a cultural change and produce an engaged workforce with the ability to collaborate in real time even separated by geo physical distances. The advent of social media has triggered the advent of various social channels even within companies that could be leveraged to become a productivity driver. Mobile devices have made user access to Intranet possible anywhere anytime on any device. Cloud computing has ensured that organizations are able to scale their applications elastically and not worry about on premise infrastructure and associated maintenance costs. Analytics has provided the power to users to dynamically analyze any business problem in terms of the dimensions and drivers. </li><li> 2. iLink's Next Generation HUB Intranet Product creates a seamless, engaging and personalized experience that makes users feel welcome, encourages them to contribute freely, enables them find / access what they need and allows them to stay informed, regardless of where or how they do it. iLinks HUB Intranet Product is a next-generation employee engagement platform available on the cloud and on premise. It helps customers replace the conventional intranet with a state of the art, fully configurable &amp; social intranet a platform where your employees can innovate, network, collaborate, converse and engage. iLink's HUB Intranet Product is an extensible, feature rich, modern UI based product that can facilitate collaboration across a mobile and flexible workforce, can provide a dynamic space for content and employee interaction, is easy to use and inexpensive to maintain. HUB Intranet Product has been envisioned with a larger goal of not only improving productivity and making employees efficient but cutting through organizational barriers and strategically supporting new ways of working. HUB Intranet Product leverages social engagement by integrating with Yammer, Confluence, Blogs and Social Feeds. HUB is built on Office 365 / SP 2013 and provides an engaging and responsive User Experience. HUB leverages predictive analytics for analyzing various business problems. HUB Intranet Product has a planned roadmap that continuously augments the product with latest technology and business trends. For more information on HUB, browse the URL http://www.ilink- </li></ol>