How to Use Social Media Effectively for Business

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Learn how to use social media effectively for business.


  • 1. How to Use Social MediaEffectively For Business Presented By:
  • 2. Social media marketing requires a very delicate balance of authenticity, care, compassion, and marketing savvy. Its important that you understand how to use social media effectively. Failure to do so could result in irreparable damage to your business, brand, and persona. Successfully using social media will propel your business to new heights never before imagined!In this slideshow we will show you how to use social media effectively for yourbusiness.
  • 3. 1. Put Your Audience First: Social media platforms exist to allow users the ability to communicate and stay in touch with friends, family, and even businesses. Its important that you understand this dynamic and mold your content appropriately based on what your audience wants to receive from you. Overpromotion of your business can be a permanent turn-off to your social media fansand result in a loss of customers/clients, so be sure to think about what youraudience wants first as opposed to promotional messages you want to deliver.
  • 4. 2. Post Consistently: Consistency in your social media activity is essential. It lets your social media followers know that you are committed to being a part of the social web. Activity that must be maintained consistently includes answering questions, comments and messages and posting content. Maintaining consistency is also important because it gets your followers accustomed to specifictimes they will receive your content. If consistency is an issue, consider creatinga schedule you can commit to such as 1 hour/day 3 days/week. Using socialmedia scheduling and monitoring tools such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social canalso help keep you on track.
  • 5. 3. Stay on Topic:When posting content to your social media accounts,its vitally important that you stay on topic. Specialize inone topic and be sure not too stray too far away from it.Social media fans follow people/businesses for specificreasons. If youre a real estate agent, your followers willlook to you for content about real estate. Be sure toprovide them with this content that they desire.
  • 6. 4. Create Quality and Valuable Content:Valuable and quality content is the most importantelement of the social media equation. Valuable qualitycontent is what goes "viral" as it resonates deep withyour followers and encourages them to share it withtheir followers. Without valuable "media," you cantcomplete the social media equation.Social + Media = Social Media
  • 7. 5. Become a ResourceKeep your followers informed about all-things going onin your industry. This positions you as an authority figurethat your followers will look to whenever they needinformation about your industry.
  • 8. 6. Interact Interact in social platforms where conversations are taking place about your subject. This includes but is not limited to forums, hashtagged keywords on Twitter, and groups on Facebook and Linkedin. Interacting within the social space with topics related to your business will position you as an authority figure, allowing you to gain an even bigger following as well as continually beingseen in the public eye of others within your industry.
  • 9. 7. Build RelationshipsSocial media is all about building relationships.Continually building relationships with industryinfluencers and followers allows you to build advocatesthat will help spread your marketing initiativesorganically. A.K.A... Go viral!