How to make your own google analytic

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How to make your own google analytic

How to make your own google analytic By raquelhorna.comHow google analytics works

@copyright raquelhorna.com2Go to

3@copyright raquelhorna.comLook for this tab

@copyright raquelhorna.com4Create an account or sign up

@copyright raquelhorna.com5You can use your google account to sign up

@copyright raquelhorna.com6Enter your website url then click continue

@copyright raquelhorna.com7For new account sign up

@copyright raquelhorna.com8Click the agree button

@copyright raquelhorna.com9Create a new account if you dont have yet.

@copyright raquelhorna.com10Click the default

@copyright raquelhorna.com11Copy and paste this code to your site

@copyright raquelhorna.com12Click save and finish button

@copyright raquelhorna.com13Open your website like blogger or wordpress account@copyright raquelhorna.com14

Click on the design tab@copyright raquelhorna.com15

Go and edit html tab

@copyright raquelhorna.com16Click on you keyboard ctrl+F

@copyright raquelhorna.com17Inside Type

@copyright raquelhorna.com18

@copyright raquelhorna.com19Then click save

@copyright raquelhorna.com20it takes 24hrs before it appears on your site@copyright raquelhorna.com21To verify the tracking code installed on your website matche the code shown on your account.

@copyright raquelhorna.com22After succesfully installed see the flow chart @copyright raquelhorna.com23Flow chart

@copyright raquelhorna.com24End@copyright raquelhorna.com25