How create google forms for survey

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This ppt explains how to create a survey form using google forms.


  • 1. How create google forms for survey Senthil kumar M
  • 2. Sign in to your Google accountGo to Google driveClick on create-> forms
  • 3. Enter the form titleChoose the form theme
  • 4. Enter Question in question title
  • 5. Choose the question type in the list box
  • 6. Type the answer options
  • 7. Click add item for next question
  • 8. Do the previous steps to create the questions
  • 9. Click Send form button to share the form
  • 10. Type the email id to share the form to others oryou can share with social network site also.
  • 11. Click Response->summary of response to see thesurvey result


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