HORIZON 2020, ICT enabling Open innovation Projects,Vilnius

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Open Innovation and Smart Governance

Text of HORIZON 2020, ICT enabling Open innovation Projects,Vilnius

  • 1. Open Innovation Revitalizing governments Katalin Gallyas Open Innovation Policy Advisor @KatalinG

2. City as an interface 3. Tech gap ?CityCitizens Local governance is decentralized, silo culture. Incredibly tough to introduce crosssectoring themes Challenged by budget cuts. Generally risk-averse. 24 hours connected, action-minded Craving for immediate feed-back from city. Cities are less adoptive with new Connected tech 24 hours They do care about the living, reshaping the city 4. Citizens & their city.. An encounter between digital urbanist and an overcautious dinosaur 5. Open Innovation Ecosystem Beyond City Governance ICT tools, Funding, communityInnovation Intermediaries 6. Complementary Actors of Open Innovation Ecosystem City (data provider) Innovation Agency (Waag) Developers, start up accelerators, hackathons Fueling projects : ODE, CitySDK, Open Cities, Code4EU 7. Open Innovation Fuel projects 8. 1. EU Project: Code for Europe 9. 1. EU Project: Civic Apps 10. 2. EU project: Open Cities 11. 3. EU Project: City SDK (service development toolkit) 12. 3. EU Project: City SDK (service development toolkit) 13. 3. EU Project: City SDK (service development toolkit) 14. 3. EU Project: City SDK (service development toolkit) 15. Tourism pilot Amsterdam Amsterdam API is up and running http://citysdk.dmci.hva.nl/map Amsterdam Points of Interest are added Amsterdam events are added in the system Fully compatible with other WP5 APIs 16. Visualization 17. Dynamic data We created a sensor system that can measure queue length Collaboration with Van Gogh museum In future available for stakeholders 18. Application Show queue Go to POI/ Events Create your own route 19. Open Innovation Evolution in Amsterdam An established Civic Innovator, hacker network (2.600 members) OPEN DATA release & business incubation 300 datasets open in 2013 2010 0 eur budget 2013 1,5 M EUR budget Amsterdam local crowdsourcing portal Rich network of EU cities, SMEs, innovation agencies that help local lobby 6 crowdsourced city challenges, 3 ICT fellows, a robust ICT back end architecture from citySDK 20. Best Practice Open Data https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/api -110.000 high resolution photos of the collection 30 apps have been launched (face recognition by portrays) High educational impact Positive PR for the museum Reach of new younger target group 21. Why should gov bother with open data? Governments are responsible for Open Data (big data owner, public service provider, purchaser)-> communal, global issueHelps growth of entrepreneurship, transparency for citizens, cutting edge city services can be developed 22. Economic relevance op Open Innovation Transparency, participatory budgeting Start Up business Acceleration. Working towards a Civic Apps Store/ Marketplace (Europe Commons). Ecosystem of cities, app developers, innovation agencies strong USP for investors. 23. The Future 24. Thank you! Katalin Gallyas gallyas@ez.amsterdam.nl @katalinG