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Presentation on photobucket and flickr

Text of Heather Idema ICP

  • Flickr.com and Photobucket.com Sharing is Communicating. Heather Idema
  • A Picture A picture is worth a thousand words is a proverb that refers to the idea that complex stories can be described with just a single still image, or that an image may be more influential than a substantial amount of text. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org
  • A Portal To My Heart
    • With tools like flickr.com and photobucket.com people can:
      • Upload and edit photos and videos.
      • Create new videos and photo montages to share with family and friends.
      • Choose to share with .com community.
    • These portals and others like them have linked the global community at the touch of a button.
    • Flickr is a way to
      • Upload
      • Edit
      • Organize
      • Share
      • Map
      • make stuff
      • with your photos and videos for the people in your life.
    Flickr.comWhat is it? flickr.com homepage
  • How do I sign on to flickr.com?
    • You need two things to get into flickr!
      • A computer
      • A Yahoo Account
    Type in your Yahoo Id and password to sign in to flickr.com
  • How do I upload my photos and videos?
    • Flickr offers a number of ways to upload your photos and videos:
      • email
      • upload to flickr web page
      • flickr uploader
      • Iphoto
      • Aperture
      • Windows XP plugins
      • free third-party
      • desktop programs they offer
      • You can even use your
      • camera phone!
    Tags can be added to an entire batch of photos. The basic uploader allows for 6 photos to be uploaded (@ a time) Choose privacy settings
  • How do I get those cool borders around my photo?
    • Flickr has partnered with Picnik to help you edit your photos.
      • 1. Click on the Edit Photo button
      • 2. Enable Picnik to add:
        • Borders
        • edit colors
        • remove redeye
    Click on the "Edit Photo" button to get started .
  • Whats so great about organization?
    • Flickrs Organizer = Collections and Sets .
    • Sets
      • Grouping of photos and videos that you can organize around a certain theme, such as Fishing .
      • Use theme to highlight your favorite photos and videos, or make an album that is only pictures of your dog, or of photos and videos you've taken with a particular camera.
    • Collections
      • Grouping of Sets (or other Collections) so you can organize around grander themes, such as People , Travels , or by year ( 2007 , 2006 , etc).
    Add Titles, Descriptions and Tags Edit and View your Collections and Sets!
  • Who can I share my photos with?
    • Share photos with just one person or an entire group of people!
      • Send and Invite to Friends and Family
      • Create Groups. Groups are a way for people to come together around a common interest,
        • love of small dogs
        • passion for food
        • recent wedding
        • interest in exploring photographic techniques.
        • If you cant find a group which interests you , its super-easy to start your own.
  • What else can flickr.com do?
      • Maps add your photos to a map or explore a world map to view other peoples photos.
      • Months Use the Interestingness Calendar to explore photos from a particular day/month/year.
      • Invite History Track the people you share your photos and videos with.
      • Make Stuff Make gifts for friends and family like photobooks or design your own CapitalOne card.
    Maps Months Make Stuff Invite History
    • Photobucket
      • Media-sharing and hosting site.
      • allows users to upload photos and videos.
      • Users can create profiles and portfolios, edit photos, remix videos
      • and blog about your creations.
    Photobucket.comWhat is it? Photobucket.com homepage
  • How do I sign on to Photobucket.com?
    • Signing up is easy!
      • Create a username and password
      • Have your photos ready to upload
    Create a Username and Password to sign into Photobucket
  • How do I upload my photos and videos?
    • Photobucket
      • upload from your computer, a web URL, mobile phone, and email.
    • Bulk uploader free of charge.
    • Tags and descriptions
      • added to your photos and an email sent to the tagged person.
    Click on the albums & upload button to upload Images and Video
  • What about editing my photos and videos?
    • Photobucket has provided a convenient editing tool. Choosing the edit images button on the top tool bar allows the user to remix photos, videos and music!
    • http://Heather example
  • What about slideshows and remixes?
    • 50 slideshow styles available.
    • Ranging from the basic collage, stamp, or strip style slideshow, to seasonal slideshows, to Peter Pan!
    • Create a custom remix of favorite videos and photos.
    • Photobucket allows you to choose your own styles and video.
    Slideshow Remix
  • Who can I share my photos with?
    • Share photos with just one person or an entire group of people!
      • Send and Invite to Friends and Family, post on other sites such as facebook or myspace.
      • Join the ugliest dress contest, add to the group photo and video albums or join a forum!
    Share with friends and family Blog about your pics!
  • What else can photobucket.com do?
      • Create your own Avatar to showcase your individuality.
      • Use the online library to search anything from Batman to 4 th of July picnics!
    Avatar Find Stuff
  • How can flickr and photobucket be used in the classroom?
      • Every photograph can tell a story. Students can create stories by:
        • Art/Photography
          • Create a collage using only images no text to illustrate a self-reflection.
        • Social Studies
          • creating a slideshow on a recent trip. Use the map feature.
          • Using pictures from around the world illustrate the day in-life of a kid your age from 3 other countries.
        • English
          • using the photo library or your own images pick a theme (ie- fishing) and create a story about what you see in the pictures individually and collectively.
          • Using pictures illustrate your favorite book.
        • Science
          • Using the photo library or your own images illustrate the 4 seasons, planets, 5 senses.
  • How can flickr and photobucket be used in the classroom?
      • Here is my story:
        • .. As the sun