Hearing Aid Help How to Make Hearing Aids Work For You

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  • 1. Hearing Aid Help How to Make Hearing Aids Work For You A few weeks ago I tested a woman who had worn hearing aids for over 20 years. She was getting ready to invest in her fifth set of hearing instrumentsyes, her fifth set. She had come to me for a second opinion. First, we did a Lifestyle Assessment to learnabout her day-to-day requirements for hearing. Then, I testedher hearing and included additional speech testing to determinehow well new technology would help her hear better. Lastly, Itook the time and explained her test results to her.With tears in her eyes, she told me that no one had ever takenthe time to truly explain her loss to her or ask her where andwhen she needed to hear more clearly.On two occasions, she had received a quick, fifteen minute testand was then told to go down the hall to be fit with new hearingaids. Which she did, no questions asked! She felt like she had nosay or any choice in the matter because this was within her HMOplan. By the way, her health insurance did not cover any of thecosts for hearing aids. This was strictly an out-of-pocket expense.She described these two experiences as being treated like ahearing loss instead of a person or like a number in a massivemedical system. She also admitted having purchased hearingaids from someone she wouldnt buy a used car from but again,felt like she had no other choice. The last time she was fit by aAvalon Hearing Aid Center, Inc.(916) 930-6347
  • 2. nice person but he didnt seem to know much about adjusting herhearing aids.In spite of these experiences, she was still searching for a bettersolution for her hearing loss. I want to thank this woman forsharing her stories because she inspired me to write this monthscolumn.You can have the best technology in the world and still not dowell if you are missing any part of the human element to asuccessful hearing aid fitting. The three human elements are acompletely competent and caring hearing healthcare provider, amotivated client and a supportive family member. Each personplays a vital role in whether you will be happy with hearing aids.The Hearing Healthcare ProviderIn the state of California, Licensed Hearing Healthcare Providerstest hearing for the purpose of fitting hearing aids. This testing isnot considered a medical evaluation. Should your case history orhearing test indicate a medical problem, you must be referred toa doctor for medical attention.The hearing test is usually done as a complimentary service withno charge to the client. Hearing aids are typically fit through theretail model of dispensing.Audiologists, on the other hand, are extensively trained indiagnostic testing. Many, but not all audiologists, hold twolicenses one for diagnostic testing and one for the fitting ofhearing aids. The price of this testing ranges from $75 - $150,and hearing aids are usually fit through the medical model ofdispensing.Avalon Hearing Aid Center, Inc.(916) 930-6347
  • 3. Completely Competent & Caring ProviderWhether you choose a licensed hearing aid dispenser or anaudiologist, you want this person to be competent in two areas:people skills and technical knowledge. It is critical that theprovider understands your problems and takes the time to get toknow you. Be sure you feel comfortable with this person sinceyou will be working closely with them.Secondly, the provider must demonstrate a high degree oftechnical expertise during the testing and follow-up care. Payclose attention to the thoroughness of your hearing test. Did itonly take fifteen minutes or closer to an hour?Did you feel rushed? Or were you given the time you needed?Were the test results explained to you in an easy-to-understandmanner? Or were you simply told you need hearing aids with littleor no explanation?The care and attention you receive during the initial appointmentis often indicative of how you will be treated after the fitting. Asuccessful hearing aid fitting actually begins after the delivery ofthe hearing instruments. Most hearing aids need adjusting in theweeks following delivery.When you have a legitimate complaint, you want to feel confidentthat the provider will know what to do to help you. To find theright provider for you, get a referral from a friend you trust. Andkeep looking until you find the right provider. You have a choice.Avalon Hearing Aid Center, Inc.(916) 930-6347
  • 4. Motivated ClientNo matter what type of hearing loss you have, you must want tohear better and be willing to go through some changes. Learningto hear through new amplification averages four to six weeks butcan take up to several months. No one wants to wear hearingaids but surveys show that once people invest in better hearing,the benefits of properly fit hearing instruments far outweigh thehassles.Supportive FamilyI have actually seen an excellent fitting go sour because ofuninformed family members. To avoid this, be sure to include afamily member for the entire hearing rehabilitation process. Youwant them to be with you during the hearing test and explanationof your results.Your family must be educated so that they know what you aregoing through. They must also be informed as to how muchhearing aids will help you. Hearing aids cant cure hearing lossanymore that glasses cure vision problems.But hearing aids do help people hear better and improve familyrelationships.Learning to hear better through new hearing instruments is aprocess. Having at least three people (the right provider, asupportive family member and an informed and motivated YOU!)working together will ensure a successful hearing aid fitting.Avalon Hearing Aid Center, Inc.(916) 930-6347
  • 5. For More Information Call Us (916) 930-6347 at or visit http://hearing-aids-sacramento-ca.comAvalon Hearing Aid Center, Inc.(916) 930-6347


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