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2. How can we define New Media Technology? Because its digital, it is therefore both interactive and collaborative, particularly because of the internet. Its global - it can reach audiences worldwide whilst also creating a new shared media culture. It changes restrictions on time and space - you can view/use it any time, any place. Its controversial - W.Russell Neuman suggests that whilst new media may have the ability to push us in one direction, socio-economic to pull us in back in the other direction. In other words, new media may make us think of technology in one way, but money and habit can make us think in a different way. 3. Research and Planning using New Media Technology 4. Allows easy access to view, share and store work The blog allows for anyone to view and comment on work. This enables us to share and ideas among ourselves but also with a potentially global public. Blogging is global and interactive in nature and is therefore a good example of a use of new media technology. 5. Format of Blog Multimedia format meaning we can use text images video presentations, PowerPoints etc. Can display our work in many ways making it more interesting to research from then solely text. Range of formats and interactivity are also classic new media ideas. 6. Use of Search Engines Advantages of using Search Engines; Ease of access to information. Theres a huge volume of information, which can be controlled through filter searches. You can come across something that you werent looking for originally that can be a better idea/inspiration than what you already had. All the information is free. The internet is the basis of new media ways of thinking and working. 7. Advantages of Internet Sites like YouTube allowed us to access hundreds of psychological thriller trailers to conduct our research on. We were also able to find trailers of films within our genre but we hadnt heard about/seen before through YouTubes recommendation function. 8. Advantages of Internet Googles comparison function allowed us to type in general terms like psychological thriller and get lists of many films listed under that genre, with links to alternate websites available. 9. Access to Information Search boxes on sites like Google and more specific film sites like IMBd allowed us to gather/find specific information that we needed for our research very easily. New media technology makes the work of billions available to all. 10. Opening up Unexpected Avenues of Research Using search engines increases the chances of finding something you werent looking for. When looking through psychological thriller posters we found a link to the poster for the film Carrie, which we then ended up using as inspiration. 11. Because of the volume of disorganised information we often came across useless information we then had to sift through to get to what we really wanted e.g. random pictures of celebrities. Disadvantages of Internet Research There is no clear hierarchy of responsibility for new media everything is reliant on goodwill, co- operation and trust. 12. Disadvantages of Internet Research Lots of user generated content, e.g. fan trailers, fan images/posters, fan written articles, so some of the content may not be from reliable sources Hard to know if the source is reliable as the content isnt really regulated. 13. We used freeplay music to find a song to use, as many of the songs we wanted to use were subject to copyright. All the songs were free There was a really wide selection of songs in each sub group Was easy to use and could search for different types of music, eg. pop, rock etc. However there was a seemingly unending amount of music and so we didnt know when to stop looking. Finding Music on the Internet Again, there can be too much content available in new media in a disorganised format. 14. Storyboarding We created an animatic because we felt it is a useful tool for getting a good visual representation of the way our coursework was likely to look. We created it by photographing our storyboard shots and editing them together using Final Cut Express. Had all the post- its available allowing us to experiment with the possible order of the scenes. Here we made a voiceover for the scenes to try and guage how long the scenes will be. Also added music tracks. New media allows for convincing replicas before making the real thing. Able to add effects and transitions That could work well for the real scenes. 15. Problems with Animatic Could take up a lot of time drawing each camera angle as there was so many shots Sometimes our drawings were not very clear and led to some confusion when arranging them in Final Cut Express Is still only a plan. We came to find that we changed a few scenes after when we came to filming because we realized they realistically wouldnt work. New media cannot solve all problems or prevent you from simply changing your mind. 16. Planned Use of Social Media 17. While planning we planned a lot more than we needed, this was especially the case while researching and planning our overall promotional campaign Most of our planned campaign needed the use of social networking sites. This is a key aspect of new media technology which really shows how collaborative and audience-involving media now needs to be. Social Media for Promotion 18. Promotional Campaign - Twitter Twitter is a good way of promoting a film. On Twitter you are able to see what other people tweet including feedback on films, trailers, magazines etc. By trending a film by hash tagging you can let people from around the world see it. Twitter probably represents the ultimate sharing capacity of new media technology 19. Promotional Campaign- Facebook On Facebook you are able to make pages for you film were people can share and like all over the world By speaking about your film on Facebook this creates interest The value of new media as a promotional tool is undoubtedly huge, it has a strong commercial element which will not appeal to all users/ critics who believe in the purity of art / culture. 20. Promotional Campaign- YouTube You are able to download your own trailers for people to see and therefore promote your film You are also able to receive comments with feedback It is free to watch so therefore you are receive feedback from any kind of person 21. Use of New Media Technology in Construction 22. Photoshop 23. Layering Images We added layer to the image to add a bright green effect to the eye. We added a layer of smoke to our magazine so that it looked like it was coming from her eyes 24. Manipulating Images We extracted the hand and resized it from a different photo. We resized and repositioned the main image as it was too big 25. Using Photoshop These tools are used to achieve different effects For example this tool is used for cropping Manovitch associates new media with a creativity of selection it is creative to choose the right tool to use. 26. Disadvantages If you do not know how to use this programme this can make doing you work very time consuming It is hard to know what tool is which For some of the tools you will need a very steady hand to use them well 27. Disadvantages We found it very hard and time consuming finding what font we would like as there are so many to chose from We also found it hard to find the right colour We ended up working longer than we thought due to theses limitations and therefore other work had to suffer New media technology is not always quicker or more convenient! 28. Advantages of using Final Cut Express We were able to cut and move our clips as we wished, without risking losing any of our footage if we didnt like what wed tried out as all the changes were reversible. This made us more experimental with changing around the order of shots etc as we knew everything could be returned to its original state at the click of a button. One of the key advantages of new media technology is that it allows for reversibility changes made are not permanent and this helps to encourage creativity. 29. Manipulation of Images Being able to layer clips and audio allowed us to see parts of the piece as the final product i.e having the music matched with the clips made it easier to see how the final product would look. New media is experimental you can play around with material and use pre- packaged effects to create ideas you could not generate entirely by yourself. 30. Manipulation of Images The layering tool also allowed us to put effects on images that we used to make them look like surveillance pictures. The effects also allowed us to let the audience know that certain scenes were visions/hallucinations that hadnt yet happened. 31. Manipulation of Sound We were able to change the volume of our diegetic sound so the characters dialogue was louder than our background non diegetic sound. This would have been a problem otherwise as some scenes where the camera was far away it was hard to hear the sound. We were also able to increase the volume of the non diegetic sound at different intervals to build up the suspense and then abruptly cut it off at the end. 32. Evaluation of New Media Technology for Evaluation 33. Blogger for Evaluation Blogger made it very easy to get feedback on our work from different sources by allowing views to make comments on posts we had made. Anyone can comment and give you feedback However the feedback was all from media students so we missed out on the ideas of the general public as they did not leave comments. New media has great interactive potential; this potential isnt always realised in fact. 34. Filters You can see anyone elses work and use it for inspiration or give them feedback You can see anyones work by clicking on their name. Youre able to reply to any comments immediately