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IdentityVigil helps organizations efficiently meet their security, regulatory and business access needs, through an end-to-end holistic IAG solution. Discover more at - http://www.happiestminds.com/identityvigil/

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  • 1. IdentityVigil Overview November 14, 2014

2. 2 Happiest Minds Confidential MonitorandManage(24X7) UserAccessManagement Services Identity & Access Management Services Value Adds => Integration Artifacts (Architecture, design, code ) across multiple products, service delivery framework, process templates, productivity templates, operation process, delivery templates etc. Deploy,Integrate, Customize,virtualize Strategy Roadmap Define Implement Operate Integrate Access Management Platform SSO & ESSO Federated SSO Strong, Risk Based Authentication Password Management Social Logins Entitle management Identity Solution Platform User Management Privilege Password Management Access Governance Role Management Identity Intelligence Segregation of Duties Directory Services Platform Intranet and Extranet Directory Services Virtual Directory 3. 3 Happiest Minds Confidential Happiest Minds Confidential Happiest Minds Credentials in IAG Area Security Practice focused on innovative and disruptive technologies with 170+ members Dedicated IAM Practice with 100+ person years of experience in IAM Innovation and technology led Consulting practice leverages cutting edge tools to optimize time & cost Innovative Delivery Model (Productized Solution Center Model) Continuous Improvement in IAM operations & Application On- Boarding through non-linear execution model CoE contribution for reusable components, templates, artifacts & design patterns for IAM Strong alliance with product vendors to develop best in class solutions Team of 50+ IAM Consultants & Specialist in IAM Experienced team with efficient pre-planning by leveraging the past experience and advanced knowledge base Experienced team that has executed over 20+ large IAM projects across Fortune 500 companies in the past Pre-built use cases for Enterprise wide IAM Productized solutions to expedite IAM rollout process Vast experience in execution Innovation led approach Strong team of IAM Consultants Focused IAM Practice Line 4. 4 Happiest Minds Confidential IDENTITYVIGIL IDENTITY AS A SERVICE OFFERING 5. 5 Happiest Minds Confidential Identity and Access Governance - Enterprise Challenges Reliance on manual processes 58% of companies use mostly manual methods to monitor identity and access management Costly and inefficient Inconsistent and unpredictable outcomes Exposure to Compliance and Operational risks Gaps/delays in removing orphan accounts Privileged account proliferation Entitlement creep Inability to Enforce Preventive Controls Inconsistent and ad hoc change processes Dependency on after the fact detective controls Reactive approach to handle compliance issues Gaps Between Business and IT Groups 87% of the companies employ a decentralized approach to identity and access management compliance* Focus on compliance related efforts mostly on applications and business units Difficult translating policies for IT implementation Lack of transparency and accountability *Ponemon Institute survey on Identity Compliance 6. 6 Happiest Minds Confidential Identity and Access Management - Key Market observations and Issues with Solutions IAG has put burden on Organization Supervisors, business and application owners, compliance personnel spend lot of time to perform simple governance activities as existing solutions natively do not facilitate targeted and focused governance activities. Compliance is not a periodic activity Existing solutions treat access governance as a periodic activity, so the risk to the organization is directly related to frequency of governance activities. The move to the Cloud Organizations are moving to cloud solutions for their business processes and this has magnified the problem of user access management. Existing solutions are retro-fitting their architecture for Cloud IAM/IAG. IAM/IAG investments are prohibitively high Existing solutions have been designed/marketed/sold with high infrastructure/planning/deployment cost model. This is preventing smaller organizations to benefit from IAM solutions. 7. 7 Happiest Minds Confidential IdentityVigil Solution IdentityVigil Virtual Appliance Meant for enterprises. Hosted and managed through private cloud. Well suited for customized solution requirement. Deployed, managed and hosted by Happiest Minds Cost Effective Pay- as-you-Go pricing model Cloud Identity & Access Governance IdentityVigil Cloud Hosted Service Meant for SMBs, country specific hosting to meet data privacy requirements. Identity & Access Governance Privileged Account Management Federation/SSO with Multi-Factor Authentication Modules 8. 8 Happiest Minds Confidential Key Features Access Certification A Platform for performing scheduled, event- driven and ad hoc Access Certification. Access Change Monitoring A highly scalable engine that can detect, analyze and notify key access changes across all applications. Access Request and Approval A highly configurable workflow to manage Access Request and Approval Process. Access Controls Simple and easy deployment of regulatory and Compliance controls. Extensive Analysis of Asset, Access and User providing 360 view Comprehensive analyses across different dimensions to make the most informed Governance decisions. Access Activity Monitoring Access Activity Monitoring - A comprehensive analysis and reporting of what users are doing with the access granted to them. Fulfilment Engine Rule based automated provisioning with self service, password management and compliance reporting. 9. 9 Happiest Minds Confidential Complete solution to discover, protect, monitor and audit Privileged Accounts! Privileged Account Management - Secures privileged identities throughout IT infrastructure including: Super-user login accounts utilized by individuals to change configuration settings, run programs and perform other IT administrative duties. Service accounts that require privileged login IDs and passwords to run. Application-to-application passwords used by web services, line-of-business applications and custom software to connect to databases, middleware and more. Privileged Session Management isolates, controls, and monitors privileged user access as well as activities for critical UNIX, Linux, and Windows-based systems, databases etc. Support Integration with SIEM and IT Service Management tools Auto Discovery ability to reliably discover and secure the widest range of privileged accounts, right out-of-the- box. - Privileged Account Management Features 10. 10 Happiest Minds Confidential All-in-one SSO solution! Federated SSO - Supports Federation services that securely share identity information across heterogeneous systems or domain boundaries using standard identity protocols (SAML, WS-Federation, OpenID Connect) Web SSO supported through a self-contained gateway that protects web applications where installing a policy agent is not required Two-Factor Authentication Scalable, easy to use, high user adoption Mobile OTP solution - SSO Features 11. Thank you. Please visit us @ http://www.happiestminds.com/identityvigil/