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  • 1. Hannah Hch
  • 2. Anna Therese Johanne Hch 1889 1978 Berlin Dada artist Studied at Kunstgewerbeschule College of Arts and Crafts National Institute of Arts and Crafts The Ullstein Press Common features Multiple layers Multiple elements Themes of feminism, anti-racism, anti-Weimar Republic sentiment Juxtaposition
  • 3. One of the originators of photomontage Berlin Dadaists established photomontage as a respected art form
  • 4. Untitled (1924) Private collection, courtesy the Mayor Gallery, London DACS 2010. has the look of a constructivist machine age picture National Galleries Scotland Monochromatic Handicraft Non-hierarchal composition Non-objective
  • 5. Schall and Rauch cabaret Associated journal cover (1920) The Puppet Balsamine (1927) Abstraction Absurdity Exaggeration Tonal variation
  • 6. Da-Dandy(1919) Freewheeling images Contrasting colour scheme Tonal variation Typography Hypocrisy of Berlin Dadaists
  • 7. Cut with the Dada Kitchen Knife through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany (1919) Several elements visualrollcallofalmostevery military,politicalandcultural figureinearlyWeimarGermany -venetianred.net Cubist influence simultaneous montage -Matthew Biro, The Dada Cyborg Non-hierarchal organization Contrasting colour scheme Typographic labelling
  • 8. The first grrrl collage artist - me