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Grand Rapids WordCamp 2013 topical homepages presentation

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This is a presentation given at WordCamp Grand Rapids in 2013!

Text of Grand Rapids WordCamp 2013 topical homepages presentation

  • 1. WordPress Static Page Function to Publish Topical Homepages Grand Rapids, Mich. Aug. 23, 2013 @ctrappe #wcgr

2. Hi @ctrappe #wcgr Hi! Quick intro! UWECI.ORG/MARKETING 3. Communications Team @ctrappe #wcgr 4. Channels @ctrappe #wcgr 5. @ctrappe #wcgr 6. One site goal Community connector around topics of impact. @ctrappe #wcgr 7. @ctrappe #wcgr 8. @ctrappe #wcgr 9. @ctrappe #wcgr 10. @ctrappe #wcgr 11. Workflow Identify topics based on whats going on. Make a plan! Outline important topics What can you say about those? Visuals! How long will it take to produce? Can it be done? Is it too timely? Backup plan (Flood example!) @ctrappe #wcgr 12. Example Identify topic Identify content! Map out homepage Collect content (Visuals are important!!!) Buzzword alert: Call to action? Design homepage (Basically build a new page) @ctrappe #wcgr 13. One more thing: Visuals Design yourself (More difficult: Adobe Edge) Ask somebody to help! (Map by researcher example) Take pictures use them (Front door example) Creative commons images Ask others for images @ctrappe #wcgr 14. Tech stuff (kind of) @ctrappe #wcgr 15. Plugin: Custom Sidebars @ctrappe #wcgr 16. @ctrappe #wcgr 17. Delete cache if applicable! 18. @ctrappe@ctrappe #wcgr