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  • 1. Google Engage, Romania 2012Google Analytics: Cream for your AdWords Coffee?Matt Trimmer Principal Consultant & Managing 11

2. Why am I here? 3rd visit to Romania 3 days of GA training back in March We dont have 3 days, but 3 hours 12 things your agency should be doingwith Google Analytics (GA) Why 12? About Me About ivantage Any questions? 2 3. me Founder, Principal Consultant and Managing Directorof ivantage Passionate about the Internet 20+ years IT, technical, sales & marketing experience 15+ years of that with the Internet Chartered Marketer (CIM) One of 15 Google Accredited Seminar LeadersGlobally 3 4. where it all began Not a great deal of experience with the Engage Programme Back in 2004 Urchin Software Urchin on Demand ivantage became Urchin reseller 4 5. 2005 - Google acquires Urchin corporation Urchin Software > Urchin Software from Google Urchin on Demand > Google Analytics Given away free Democratizes web analytics Why free? Measure AdWords Return on Investment You might spend more5 6. ivantage Established in 2002 Independent 44th ranked search agency by NMA Big enough to cope, small enough to care Only agency in UK with these Google certications6 7. we do We help grow online businesses by Generating web site traffic through Paid Search (PPC) Natural Search (SEO) Local & Mobile search Social media Display & video E-mail Analyzing web site traffic using Web Analytics to accurately analyse how visitors nd and interact with websites Converting web site traffic using Conversion Rate Optimisation to convert visitors into customers7 8. we do it Using Professional, passionate people Affordable, effective technology Shared client goals and ambitions Ethnical and transparent methodologies Delivering Measured campaigns Value, not cost Through Professional services Training 8 9. vision To be the Internets leadingperformance-driven Internetmarketing agency 9 10. experience with Google? Fun Challenging Wealth creating Honest Ethical Competitive Partnering with Google is like Dancing with a giant Your feet can get stepped on! It hurts but she didnt mean to do it 10 11. analytics products from Google Google Analytics Google Analytics Premium Urchin Software from Google Discontinued 28th March 201211 12. social? Google+ 118368778596879435387/posts Connect on LinkedIn Twitter #measure #googleanalytics @googleanalytics12 13. 1 Get access & ownership correct Understand access to GA is controlled by a Google Account My Google Account is Does not have to be Gmail! Many users, few administrators Dont share logins! ( Agree who owns the GA Account Agree who owns the AdWords Account Use My Client Centre Assume one to one relationship between GA and AdWords One to many relationship between Google Account andGoogle Analytics Account I have access to over 100 GA accounts at any one time 13 14. Google AnalyticsKey Concept Best not to share a log-in with colleagues! Best not to use a generic team-based log in! Security and condentially issuesGA has personal features Dashboards Annotations Advanced Segments Custom Reports Intelligence E-mailing reportsResources 15. guidelines for Google Analytics Always a new Google Analytics Account for each client Not one Google Analytics Account for the Agency and oneWeb Property per client! This stops AdWords data being exposed to other clients Allows you to delegate admin privileges to your clients Stops your clients having to re-tag a site if then leave you 15 16. 2 Use Campaign Tracking Measure all in-bound traffic Use the URL builder Turns this: Into this &utm_campaign=gatraining UTM? Uchin Traffic Monitor Especially important for email Measure off-line campaigns TV, Print, Outdoor QR Codes Measure Social in more detail Use URL shorteners16 17. Builder mapping to GA 17 18. Builder campaign example18 19. Builder and off-line campaigns Key concept Use vanity urls 301 redirecting to Campaign Tracking URLs 20. Builder and QR codes Key concept Use URL shorteners Use or Generate QR Codes with Campaign Tracking URLs 20 21. 3 Integrate (properly) with AdWords Dont use Campaign Tracking! Use Auto-tagging (gclid) Must have a shared administrator in AdWords and GA Good use of a neutral Gmail account? Provides transparency Great reporting of AdWords RoI Import Goals and Transactions into AdWords Instead of using AdWords Conversion Tracking21 22. 3 Integrate (properly) with AdWords Dont use Campaign Tracking! Use Auto-tagging (gclid) Must have a shared administrator in AdWords and GA Good use of a neutral Gmail account? Provides transparency Great reporting of AdWords RoI Import Goals and Transactions into AdWords Instead of using AdWords Conversion Tracking22 23. 4 Understand and analyse bounce rate Bounced visits are visits that land and do not interactwith a another tagged page or interactive Event Use weighted sort to analyse Landing pages23 24. 5 Understand cross segmentation Nearly all GA reports allow you to report on onedimension cross referenced with another Google AdWords (cpc) traffic cross segmented by LandingPages Do our cpc landing pages stink (suck)? Google AdWords (cpc) traffic cross segmented by Keywords Could we look again at our keywords? 24 25. time25 26. 6 Understand how GA allocates traffic Direct Referrals Search Campaigns Why do I get showing under Referrals as well as Search? Traffic from as a referral (link) rather than a search engine Visitor did not search 26 27. 7 Track Goals, Transactions and use Funnels Conversion is the purpose of a website Conversion to a sale (B2C) In GA, Transactions Conversion to an enquiry (B2B) In GA, Goals Use the GA Goal mechanism Use the GA E-commerce mechanism Understand the difference between Goals andTransactions27 28. possible with web analytics? How visitors found your web site What visitors are doing on your web site Not WHY they are doing it! Why is the domain of usability/customer experience Onsite surveys Sampling visitors arriving/leaving Heuristic reviews Experts reviewing your site against a set of criteria (heuristics) Usability tests Representative customers completing tasks Conversion Rate Optimisation A/B testing and multi-variant testing Usability tests Representative customers completing tasks Resources 28 29. possible with GA? How visitors found your web site What visitors are doing on your website Not WHY they are doing it! GA does have goals Outcomes focus29 30. Goals should be the commercial objectivesof your site Goals maps to visitor tasks Goals normally have a series of steps Funnel Measure conversion through the task When goals match users tasks Conversions30 31. importance of goals for you? Help you Prioritise Focus Justify31 32. map to Business metrics Prioritise your analysis and changes Focus your analysis and changes Justify your analysis and changes To important paths through the site Focus on what you want visitors to do Not what they generally do To business value Add $// value to a goal32 33. your goals33 34. funnel focus on desired behaviour34 35. 8 Realise you can track everything important Engineers (if you ask them nicely) can tag any part of asite with The GA Pageview tracker Event Tracking Events can be interactive or non-interactive Affect bounce or not affect bounce URLs that dont change PDFs and MS-Office documents On-site banners, offers, content On-site errors AJAX, Video Social Media bookmarks, interaction options35 36. tracking 36 37. pageview tracker Urchin.js urchinTracker(/my/made/up/url); GA.js pageTracker._trackPageview(/my/made/up/url); GA.js (Async) _gaq.push([_trackPageview,/my/made/up/url]);37 38. PDFs example Urchin.js GA.js GA.js (Async) 38 39. tracking no pageview39 40. tracking example40 41. 9 Build, share and send Dashboards Build up to 12 dashboards per login Suggest one per stakeholder group Send Automatically every Monday 41 42. 10 Realise the power of Custom Variables Never identify your users personally but you cansegment them Navigation behaviour Page choice? Visit behaviour View basket? Visitor behaviour Did they log-in and are indeed a returning Customer The