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Whether you're a beginner or advanced user of analytics, there are many features you may not know about. In this slide deck, I review tips for using your sources and getting past "not" provided. This is useful for web developers or online marketers interested in their web traffic.


  • 1. Tina Arnoldi Coastal Community Foundation

2. 360 Internet Strategy, LLC Coastal Community Foundation 3. Its not retroactive Always keep a raw profile 4. User is logged into their Google account Impacts analytics, not paid search Check search queries in webmaster tools Custom filters There is an easy workaround within analytics to determine intent 5. Whos not there? 6. "coastal community foundation" 7. 8. Audience Mobile Overview 9. Email newsletters Website changes New feature PPC campaigns Speaking engagement New/updates referral site campaigns 10. Is it a blog post? Did people complete a task? Consider a segment for your landing pages, can also do this for your blog 11. People have to leave from somewhere Monetize the top exit pages Did you expect them to go somewhere else? Ex. Learn about XYZ nonprofit Make a donation or volunteer 12. Caution against daily Weekly for 3-12 months Monthly for < 12 months 13. Use a metric other than visits or page views Ex content reports Reorders row based on metric and traffic, top rows are the ones to pay attention to 14. If youre running a big PPC campaign, you want to see traffic beyond organic search. 15. Where do people drop off? What leads to a conversion? Is channel X at the end of the conversion process or driving traffic toward conversion? 16. 29 17. Based on user IP 30 18. 31 19. Is social media providing an assist with conversions? Conversions Multi-Channel Funnels Assisted conversions Can drill down 20. 35 21. Make notes on big changes Numbers in context Combine metrics Remember the big picture Whats your so what? 22. 360 Internet Strategy, LLC Coastal Community Foundation * 843.793.6036 * 843.410.9320


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